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10-13-2004, 05:33 PM
Mike Shamos wrote in this month's Billiards Digest ("You make the CALL") that is was a foul and 'possible' warning for a player to use their cue to measure for clearence between the rail and an OB.

With some stipulations:

The player had ball in hand behind the headstring. He put the cue ball against the rail and used his cue to measure the distance and then held the measurement with his hand on the cue shaft and went down table to measure if there was clearence.

The non-shooting player called a foul, the ref agreed and could have put the player on a warning of 'unsportsmanship' conduct.

IMO I think the rules need some more specific wording. In one case, you can use your cue to make measurements. In the other case, you CAN'T use the cue ball (with ball in hand)

This also made me think, what if you were to make a small mark on your cue stick (butt end or ferrule end) that would represent the distance of the width of a OB (which would be the same as a cue ball)?

Since the rules state you can use your cue for measurements and angles, as long as you don't let go of the cue.


10-13-2004, 06:04 PM
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Sure. I think the player should be permitted to do whatever he pleases with his cue stick, including placing it on the table to assist with aiming. I don't think that doing this gains an unfair advantage or changes the game. How about in golf when the player uses his club as a plumb-bob to see the tilt of the green? As for the cue ball when it is in hand, I guess that's a little trickier, especially at games where it must be placed behind the line.

10-13-2004, 06:10 PM

I was taught in Ref School that you can use your cue to measure distances as long as you don't let go of your cue (as to lay it down unhanded on a table) or when using it, not to disturb the balls on the table. That's not a "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" call at all!

So what if the player has a mark on his/her cue to measure such a distance? Is it a natural mark of the shaft or man-made? Should the Refs be checking beforehand for such marks on these shafts and if they exist should they be banned?? OUCH!!!

Listen, I think there's too much cheating already with these "point in space" and "ghost ball" aiming systems that we should be worried about "marks on shafts". Geez Louise!! And what's with the diamond marks these manufacturers inlay on their tables? Should we dig them out and replace them with the rail's natural material.

OMIGOD!! I've been cheating, cheating, cheating all my pool playing life!!


Barbara~~~am I guilty or what???

But seriously, there are still some rules that need to be worked on. Roger Glenn? Are you listening?