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10-15-2004, 08:59 AM
This is a direct copy/paste from the Kerry plan. My comments are in <font color="blue"> blue </font color>.

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The Kerry-Edwards plan will cut the deficit in half while making health care more affordable and improving our schools. The Kerry-Edwards approach is grounded in restoring the budget rules of the 1990s, including PAYGO, which produced the first the balanced budget in a generation. Here are their four principles:

(1) Submit budgets to Congress in which every new proposal is paid for and the deficit is cut in half in four years: As president, John Kerry will submit budgets to Congress that pay for all new proposals and cut the deficit in half within four years. This commitment will cut wasteful government programs, streamline agencies, and ensure that we have better, not bigger, government. <font color="blue"> Never buy a cow in the moonlight </font color>

o Roll back tax cuts over $200,000. Pay for health and education by rolling back the recent Bush tax cuts for families making over $200,000 annually. <font color="blue"> Look at the numbers...$200 Bn. gap. Pie in the sky.</font color>

o Eliminate wasteful subsidies: reform the student loan program to end subsidies for banks and instead let the market set rates; reduce Medicare overpayments to HMOs; accelerate the transition to digital television – and auction off the spectrum that is freed up; and cut subsidies for high-income corporate farmers. <font color="blue"> You have to wonder just how much we can squeeze the farmers. Also, we've been hearing about HDTV for what, 10, 15 years? I especially like cutting the bank incentives for student loans. I'm sure the kids won't mind.</font color>

o Eliminate wasteful offices and improve efficiency: eliminate the Office of Thrift Supervision; eliminate major statistical agencies and establish a single Statistics USA; eliminate trade promotion agencies and consolidate activities; and merge the Commerce Department’s NTIA and TA. <font color="blue"> We don't want to waste any money being thrifty or promoting trade, now, do we?</font color>

o Streamline bureaucracy and cut wasteful spending: cut top-heavy bureaucracy at Federal agencies; reduce government contractors; freeze the Federal travel budget; and implement GAO recommendations on wasteful management of government car fleet. <font color="blue"> We will need to maximize our wasteful management, this is important. </font color>

o Modernize our health system: cut prescription drug costs; institute better disease management; and use competitive bidding for medical equipment.

(2) Pass new line-item veto authority to use when Congress adds pork to the budget: John Kerry will ask Congress to pass a constitutionally valid form of line-item veto. And he will use this power to veto any pork barrel spending that Congress adds to the budget. <font color="blue"> We all know how Congress has been just dying to pass that line-item veto... hell, they've been trying for years. The dam President keeps vetoing it. Well, John Kerry sure won't!</font color>

(3) Automatic, across-the-board spending cuts if necessary to keep spending in check: If Congress still won’t control spending, an automatic, across-the-board spending cut will be triggered to ensure that all discretionary spending, excluding security and education, does not grow any faster than inflation. In addition, the Kerry-Edwards plan would push for an enforceable PAYGO rule. <font color="blue"> But who will control Kerry's spending? </font color>

(4) Cut corporate welfare to reduce the deficit: John Kerry will push the McCain-Kerry Corporate Welfare Commission to eliminate unnecessary corporate welfare and use the savings to reduce the deficit. According to John McCain, “There are more than 100 corporate subsidy programs in the federal budget today, requiring the federal government to spend approximately $65 billion a year. Terminating even some of these programs could save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars each year.” [Senator John McCain, Congressional Press Release, 4/17/02] <font color="blue"> Ahh, the old corporate welfare demon. This is weird, Kerry keeps tossing McCain's name into his campaign. I guess it's to show us that he has Republican support.</font color><hr /></blockquote>And now that you've all bought into that, me and John McCain have some prime Arizona oceanfront you're probably interested in.

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10-15-2004, 09:10 AM
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reduce government contractors...

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if anything they should contract out more.