View Full Version : The 04 Fall Journey begins...LOL

10-16-2004, 11:01 AM
Just finished up my first 'get'n back in stroke' practice session for the fall pool season. After spending the last five months trying to keep the 28 moving parts in order just to hit a 100 wedge shot it feels great to get back to a sport that truely is like riding a bike...I can't keep my head down in pool either....LOL

Because I couldn't think of anything better I did a couple Fargo's, the first was 135 and second was a 178. I found that my pool mind has turned to jello. I thought these scores were exceptable right out of the gate so I treated myself to a good lunch and went back for another Fargo session. In the first rack I was standing there with BIH trying to figure out how to deal with the worst problem on the table, finally I laid down and missed the first chip shot for a smooth zero....My immediate reaction was to scream insanely at the table for about ten seconds. Realizing that this was lunatic behavior I decided to call it a day....and the journey begins...../ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif