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10-16-2004, 10:09 PM
For those of you interested in ultra-high end or collectible cues, I'm sorry to report that local cue broker John Wright died last night of a massive heart attack. No idea what happens to the cues he had on hand. Other than being way too heavy, John was really a pretty good guy in my opinion. With the market for what he did shrinking rapidly - the madness seems to have peaked and then some - John unfortunately placed himself under a lot of stress to go with that weight. I'll miss hearing from him, and seeing him at the local tournaments. GF

10-17-2004, 06:06 AM
That is so sad to hear! May he rest in peace. I only met John a few times and was always a real gentleman. I send out my condolences to his family.

10-17-2004, 07:40 AM
I have purchased a few cues from John and he was always a gentleman and delivered what he said. He was very knowledgable about cues and was interesting to talk with.


Chris Cass
10-17-2004, 01:19 PM
This comes to a shock for me as I just spoke with him at the Midwest Expo last weekend. I've known John for yrs. I've played with him a few times and gambled on occasion with him too. Both as a opponent and once at the Casino as a dealer.

I hadn't been very close with John myself. I beat him once out of a couple hundred over a beat he threw down on a table and challenged me in Chicago at a PH/Bowling place on Palaski Ave. I remember someone had stolen his cues a weekend prior after busting in his car.

He told me that the thief called him up and returned the cues because he'd found out the value was so high and the recognition of the cues were to easily noticed by anyone looking to buy one. I gathered the kid was scared of prosecution. John simply told the kid to return the cues and nothing would be said. That's the way he was.

In the casino John liked to play craps. He played for a little while and go off to play something else. More or less a something to kill time and shoot the breeze.

Jon remembered me everytime and never held the loss of that $200. bet on two games overshaddow our friendship even though it wasn't a very close one, it was cordial.

John not only collected cues and sold them much more at a higher rate persay then anyone else he did have a eye for the unique. The cues that werte in demand so, he could get the prices he called for. He was a very shood business man often selling cues at the local Chicago tourneys and cut in the establishment for a slice.

John also met with David Kersenbrock and David helped set up John' join partnership venture with Omega cues. They were so simular to the Kershenbrock cues but had incorporated a lip like thing on the bottom of the butt plate. Somewhat like Sailor cues but not.

John although a mere aquintance to me was always there with a smile at me. Even at the expo he smiled and waved before I could recognize who it was. After seeing it was John I returned the smile along with a wave back. John may have not been a very close friend to me. I may have not been close to him but one thing I can honestly say about John is.

He loved his family. He was so proud of the son I had met one day as he shown me the cue he made of Purpleheart spices for him. I could see the joy of a father come out. He was a man of his word and never let anyone that he knew go unnoticed in public.

I wish his family peace knowing that John will be missed by many including his cordial friend, me.


C.C.~~sad for John' passing so soon.