View Full Version : Old Friend and Mentor - Keith

10-17-2004, 10:34 PM
I had thought that I had recocnized him in the movie "Color of Money" - Yep ...I played him ALOT in the old days at College Billiards in San Diego. He tought me to play ... $10.00 per rack in those days.

Met him again at the Boston Joss Tourney - (trashed out from Narco's and Booze <back pain>) - But we recognized eachother right off. It was a BLAST! I had more fun trashing that tourney than any I've won in the past (LOL).

Joss tourney is open in the NorthEast for the next 7n months or so. Santos was there. A bunch of the old guys. Was so much fun. Suggest ya buy the tickets and ENGAGE - Well worth it.

Smoked me first dude (till booze/narco's kicked in) so bad I thought he'd bust his cue on table < sheesh - chill out ...its only for fun [ LOL ] >

P.S. - Shoot on Carrot Juice and Coffee with lots of sleep - LOL!