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05-17-2002, 04:22 AM
Currently Earl Strickland is being ran up the flagpole but some CCB faithful for event that happened in Las Vegas. One of his offensives was yelling at an opponent for tapping balls on the table to rack, essentially his opponent was putting a divot in the cloth. But does anyone else find it strange that the same people who are mad at Earl are the same people that scream bloody murder every time that the Sardo rack gets used, and puts divots in the table. Interesting to note that many on the CCB in the past have said they would kick someone out of their house if people were to tap balls on their cloth. The story is from second hand info so it is hard to tell, but it seems like the situation has been blown out of proportion, maybe not though.
The last time that Earl was raked through the coals on the CCB was at last years WPC. On two separate occasions Earl got into altercations with the fans. He should be strung up you say, but lets get the full story of those events. In the first altercation Earl was down on a shot when one of the fans took a picture of him. Right when he was pulling the trigger on the shot the flash went of in his face. Earl was to say the least slightly upset. He yelled at the fan, and to many peoples amazement the crowd applauded him, I guess they knew who the idiot was in this case. The other situation was when a group of Dutch fans started heckling Earl during one of his matches. That small group of fans included fellow pro Neils Feijen. Of course Earl got lambasted when he yelled back at them, but in many peoples eyes, Neils was as much to blame as anyone.
I admit it I'm biased, I like Earl. I like someone who will put his neck out and his butt on the line. I enjoy a man who will stand up in front of a completely European crowd and proclaim, "Europe will win the Mosconi Cup someday, but it's not going to happen while I'm still playing." Arrogant, sure it is but he has backed it up so far, and the crowd just eats it all up.
I admit being a Strickland supporter is not always easy though. The Milwaukee Incident was the lowest thing any pool player could ever do, and he should have been suspended, fined or both. It might have happened if Camel had any leadership and it wasn't on it's last legs. He also has done some horrible things at tournaments in regard to walking out and some of his outbursts are really not needed.
But I'm willing to overlook some of his faults and look at some of the good he has done. Why does nobody ever mention the charities that he is involved with, and why was no mention ever made of him donating his winnings towards the Sept. 11 fund. It's an easy answer. He is pools bad guy and he will always be a target for people to take shots at. I think he likes it that way.


05-17-2002, 07:08 AM
Hey Krusty you going to be in Orlando to watch Earl play in CW's 9-ball open? Maybe Earl likes his "bad boy" image and hopes he can profit from it like John McEnroe, and even Billy Connors to some extent, did in tennis. It's all showmanship. Jake~~~hoping to get Earl to sign a CB.

05-17-2002, 10:27 AM

I do realize that you bring up some interesting points. But I just want to let you know that they are so long that I lose interest in reading them.