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11-05-2004, 07:30 AM
Hi ,I was asked to send this out for Relay For Life Team(cancer society)to all my friends in the Billiard family. It's a team event fundraiser! If you would like to help I'd appreciate it but if you can't i will understand. Also if you want to pass this on to all of your friends that would be ok also.
Thanks Denny

Letters to Santa Relay For Life fundraiser

Santa has some new helpers in town. Frank's Family, an American
Cancer Society Relay for Life team, will be helping Santa out this
year with Letters to Santa.
For a $5.00 donation per letter, your child can receive a
personalized letter from Santa! Just send a note with your child's
name and a $5.00 check made payable to the American Cancer Society
with "Frank's Family" in the memo to P.O. Box 215 Bellevue, OH 44811.
Make sure your return address is on the envelope so Santa has ample
time to respond to each child's letter with some words of
encouragement for the Holiday season and please respond by December
11, 2004 so Santa has plenty of time to answer in a timely fashion.

Frank's Family will be donating one hundred percent of all proceeds
to the American Cancer Society.

Bernadette Ferguson And Terry Stewart
Co-Captains of Frank's Family