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11-07-2004, 05:47 PM
I just posted this over at AZB in respose to a thread. I think its pretty amazing story so i thought id bring it here as well seeing as cut and paste is so easy.

I once saw a gang of bikers who were eating at a sidewalk cafe get taunted by a 5' 3" black kid who was walking by. Though he was small, he was all muscle. The Bikers eventually had enough and chased the kid into a pool room (mine) where they proceeded to grab balls, sticks and anything else that they could find to throw at this kid, eventually pinning him down on the ground in a corner and continuing to pelt him and also beat him with at least one chain. My friend's $400 cue was picked up and broken over this kids body. I thought he was gonna be dead when the smoke cleared

The cops sirened up outside pretty fast and the bikers started streaming out of the pool room-There was at least 25 of them, maybe 40 and it took them a couple of minutes just to get out the one door.

The cops had no idea what was going on, didnt know what to do, and were severely outnumbered and clearly intimidated by the bikers who proceeded to walk back to the restaurant no more than 75 feet away.

Don't you know 5 seconds after the last biker came out, the black kid pops out, his body full of gashes from the chain mostly i think, shirt gone and starts yellin at the retreating bikers that "you aint [censored] you buncha [censored] mother f....s, come on back here I'll knock the crap out you scumbags etc" til the cops finally quieted him down.

The cops didnt witness anything inside the PR, so there were no arrests. The bikers were told to leave town. A friend of mine from the PR knew the kid and said the kid was "no joke" and that he would have easily taken any of the bikers one on one.

It remains in the top 3 for amazing things i have witnessed to date. Last i heard the kid was in jail. (Surprise, surprise!)

11-07-2004, 06:12 PM
Sounds like the kid is looking to earn a Darwin Award.