View Full Version : RSB-Kato....Was that all there was???

11-08-2004, 11:14 AM
Over here at RSB...Red Sox Believers,we have a big problem. After our long years of suffering as BoSox fans, agonizing over the near misses, the one game playoff, the seven game World Series, losses.... our pain has ended and life should be wonderful..and,at first it was... we were caught up in the euphoria of the moment,a baseball bacchanal... which lasted for just a few weeks....and then....and then....the blahs... we now have....... post mortum depression.
Sure, the comeback against the Yankees was exciting, and history-making....but the world series was like a post-coital period...the fun is over, but you feel obliged to stay for awhile, at least 'till everyone else is asleep.. It should have gone down to game 7, two outs in the bottom of the ninth/Sox down by 2 runs/ bases loaded, and David, Manny, or Johnny at bat....that's how the "curse" should have been ended....that, or cut the necks off of some chickens, and have the team drink the blood.... but now....
I'm worried because I once read about a guy that suffered all his life with terrible back pains. The Doctors couldn't find anything medically wrong to account for this, and finally he was advised to see a Hypnotherapist. Through extensive hypnosis, he was "cured"....BUT without the pain,which was his "crutch" or hairshirt, he became depressed and committed suicide.
Headline: The Boston Globe "Unexplained rash of deaths amongst long time Red Sox season ticket holders" It could happen!!!
Sure we had our great players over the years, Ted,Lee Strange, who wasn't as strange as "Spaceman" Bill Lee, nor maybe even Jim Piersall, "golden boy" Jackie Jensen, Tiant, the great twin rookie seasons of Rice and Lynn,Carbo,Eck, Malzone, "Rocket" somebody, even had a DiMaggio
And our near great, heartache seasons, "67" Yas and Lonborg...but St.Louis had Bob Gibson to pitch in three games, "75" against a great Cincy team, and "86" against the Mets...perhaps the worst loss of all. The 2003 loss to the Yankees was just "business as usual" we had become inured to losing.....BUT now, we are WINNERS, and life is so, so, well.....
as Peggy Lee sang "Is that all there is, my friends...then let's keep dancing...."