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11-09-2004, 01:45 PM
Well we had a great time at the World Junior Championships in Adelaide, Australia. Their were 32 players in the boys division and 8 girls in the first ever girls division. The tables were very good ( 9' Ollie's with new championship cloth ) and the play of these juniors was amazing. For the first time a television station filmed the juniors which is great. The finals of the girls division and the semi's and finals of the boys division were played in the TV studio, they also did lots of taping of the different juniors practicing and shooting in the early rounds.John Morra of Canada ( representing the US ) came in 4th, Jason Klatt of Canada came in 7th. Justin Bergman of the US came in 10th and Mary Rakin came 3rd in the girls division and my daughter came in 5th. Terry

11-09-2004, 08:27 PM
Hey way to go Terry!! I hope your daughter had a positive experience in playing the event! And I hope she continues to find venues to compete in!


11-09-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi Barb, she had a great experience and i'm sure it will be a memory for life. I was a little scared she'd get steam rolled because of her lack of tournament experience, but she made me proud in the way she played. She lost 9-3 to a girl who would be the world champion, two of those nine were 9's on the snap and another was a 9-3 combo not that Meng-Meng needed those short games because she's a very good shooter. She won her next match 9-6 then lost 9-8 in her final match, she had an open table on hill hill but took a fairly easy five in the side too lightly and rattled it off the tip of the pocket and that was all she wrote.Hopefully their will be more tournaments in the province this year for her to play in.BTW I covered my case in lots of that air bubble wrap and then put it in a tent bag so it wouldn't look like something worth anything of value. Thanks, Terry

Harold Acosta
11-11-2004, 06:45 PM
Congratulations to you and your daughter. I got a complete report from the Juniors and I will post it here as soon as I find it.

From what I read, those Juniors were playing like top pro's!

Congratulations to all the participants!

Harold Acosta - President
Puerto Rican Billiard Federation

Harold Acosta
11-11-2004, 07:06 PM
<font color="red"> Note: The original report was edited for contents.</font color>


Adelaide 1-5 November, 2004

The first three days of the event were held at a Cue Sports Club where there were 8 Olio tables available. Because of the new timetable we now had some sessions using 6 tables. Monday and Tuesday was for boys only, and on Wednesday the girls started with the first round of their round robin draw.

The standard of play was particularly high with all players in fine form. There was an 11 year old from Indonesia competing, Gorby Abimanyu. Not the tallest of people, Gorby could hardly see over the table, but didn’t prevent him from putting on a good show. He is certainly one to watch in the future. We had 20 different nations competing in this event from just 40 players. Quite an impressive statistic in itself.

One couldn’t help but be impressed by the support that followed these players with family and friends. The entourage doubled the number of the players. When we went to the airport to collect the North American contingent we were expecting about a dozen or so; they had 23 !! Asia had similar numbers and there were plenty that arrived with the Europeans and of course the local, New Zealand and Australia. It was fantastic.

After we had the field down to the final 16, as the scores indicate, there were some great matches. But once we reached the television stage, it all went up a notch. The opening match was C C Wu vs Marco Schmidt 11 – 0 in just 35 minutes!! The television people were now worried. They had to have one hour of program, what could they do for the next 25 minutes? Next match was Hayato Hijikata vs John Morra. What a great match, Morra winning 11 – 10, he never led until the final ball had been pocketed. Morra won his previous match by the same score to get through, he must enjoy a tough battle. I suggested to ABC TV that maybe they want to use 20 minutes or so from that match and put it with the Wu match to make up the hour, then announce that the Hijikata/Morra match would continue next week.

Other quarter final matches were fairly straightforward, 14 year old Albin Ouschan accounting for Jason Klatt 11 – 4 and another Wu, Yu-lun accounted for Nicolas Ottermann 11 – 3.

After the quarter finals, C C Wu had impressed everyone with his tremendous game. The commentators were raving about his massive break and his ability to pocket balls from seemingly anywhere and at any angle.

If the commentators were impressed with C C Wu’s first match, they were ecstatic by now with Wu steam-rolling John Morra 11 – 2 in the first semi-final. It is fair to say that not only did Wu play extremely well, all the luck seemed to favour him also. The second semi was good, but Wu just outclassed Ouschan winning comfortably 11 – 4.

The final was a great contest. Everyone had CC Wu a hot favourite to defeat his namesake, YL Wu. Trouble was, YL Wu won the lag and ran the first four or five racks before CC got to the table. Then a couple of unlucky shots and CC scratched, and YL took full advantage and quickly led 7 – 0. CC won a couple of racks to reduce the deficit, but the lead was too much and Yu-lun Wu was the new world champion.

After the girls round robin, the two finalists that had qualified were Jasmin Ouschan of Austria and Meng-meng Zhou of Shanghai, China. It was thought by most people before the tournament began, that Jasmin was a good thing to win this event. Jasmin has been a tremendous junior player for years, and now that the girls had been given their own world championship, it was just going to be a formality.

However, Meng-meng Zhou had something to say about that. Zhou led early in their race to 9 match, and held onto her lead to eventually win 9 – 6. Their standard of play was particularly high, and I have no doubt that creating a championship for the girls has definitely been a step in the right direction. We may have to consider increasing the field to 16 as there did appear to be quite a bit of interest.

My thanks to all the players, they all played well, everyone behaved themselves superbly, they were a pleasure to have take part. Thanks also to the wonderful support we had from the families and friends of the players, and also to the great job that the Team Leaders / Chaperones did. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone co-operated great with everyone. So much so, I’d love to do it again. The only disappointment was that for the people who travelled so far to get to Australia, they left themselves no time to have a look around. Perhaps a good excuse to do it here again??


11-12-2004, 03:38 AM
Hi Harold, We really enjoyed ourselves. Some of those juniors are close to pro now, they play great.I didn't see Chia-Chang Wu's first TV matchbut, I was told he missed one shot in an 11-0 score over Marco Schmidt of Germany. I was there for his match with John Morra where Wu ran seven tables in a row ( what a powerful break ), John only got one maybe two shots in the first ten games in an 11-2 loss. Yu-Lun Wu also of Taipei was just as impressive as he ran six tables in an 11-4 win over Ouschan of Austria. In the final Chia-Chang couldn't get his powerful break down as he was coming up dry or scratching and that was the difference as Yu-Lun played great. I did see a couple of reports on the net someplace where Chia-Chang placed 3rd in ( the Miguel Asian 9-ball ) a tournament where Reyes placed 5th and another where he placed 5th while Bustamante placed 17th and he also placed 33rd in the World's this year in Tapei so i'd say he is as close to pro as you can get an he's only fifteen. We seen great pool from both the boys and the girls all week and yes I was impressed with 11 year old Gorby Abimanyu of Indonesia as will be a very good player if he stays with it. Like I said it was a great experience for my daughter as well as my wife and I.Ian is right it would've been nice to have more time to sight see but with work,school and the rest of our kids at home waiting for us we're happy with the two days we got at the end of the tournament to look around. When the juniors go to Tv which should be some time late in november be sure to watch it as i'm sure you'll enjoy it. Thanks, Terry

11-12-2004, 03:59 AM
congratulations to your daughter /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

11-12-2004, 05:50 AM
Congratulations. I hope you and your daughter had a great time.


11-12-2004, 06:49 PM
Chia-Chang Wu is pro, there is no close about it. The guy plays pro level events and goes toe to toe with the pro's. He is not "supposed" to lose to anyone and would be my favorite against most of the second rate pro's in America, the Tommy Kennedy's, Mike Davis, Larry Nevel's would have my money running against them in a tournament format against CC WU.

All the talk of CC Wu's break is crap though. Sure he has a great break but it is considerably worse then Yu-Lun Wu's break. Yu-Lun has WAY more power and way more control in his break then Chia-Chang has. Yu-Lun would IMO have a better break then any pro I have seen, including Bustamente, Pagulayan, or anyone else you might think of on the pro circut with a sledge hammer break. Yu-Lun breaks the balls with serious force and the cueball flies into the air, and lands dead center of the table and stops dead. He was averaging over 2 balls in every break in one match with dead perfect cueball placement on every single break. CC Wu does not have that kind of break, not even close.

11-12-2004, 07:51 PM
eg8r &amp; nick, Thanks, we had a great time and a wonderful experience.

11-12-2004, 08:20 PM
Hi Irish, it seemed that Chia-Chung was the favorite going in to the finals, not being able to watch all the matches the score card showed that C.C. Wu won his matches up until the finals 9-1,9-1,11-3,11-0 and 11-2 for a total of 7 games lost while Yu-Lun's record prior to the finals was 9-2,6-9,11-9,11-3 and 11-4 for a total of 27 games lost and Yu-Lun lost 9-6 to Schmidt whom Chia-Chung beat 11-0 but their was a person there who knew the two players better than most of us and he told us that Yu-Lun has a good chance of winning and ofcourse he was right. I'm not going to argue about who has more power in their break because I don't know that but I do know that C.C. Wu had lots of power in his break when I seen him beat John Morra 11-2 that much I do know, he was making as many as four balls and then running out but he didn't get the same results with his break against Yu-Lun. I agree Yu-Lun had more control of the cueball on his break and perhaps he does have a harder break then C.C. I know the play of a lot of the players there was excellent but the two 15 year old Wu's were the cream of the crop. Terry