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11-14-2004, 03:00 AM
Now you have seen this here many times but this is a bit different.

I went through all the material on the tables I could find here and I am really tempted to get tha Diamond ProAm table (that's the one used in all those tournaments right?)

the problem is I am living in Europe and as I understand Diamonds are only sold by the company, they do not have dealers over here. So I would have to have it shipped here from the US and have some local table mechanic who does not even know such a teble exists to set it up.

The other option is to go to a nearby shop in Wien Austria (about 20 miles) and buy a Brunswick Metro for basically the same money and have it set up by their mechanics.

I really, really would like to have the Diamond so if some of you proud owners tell me that there is no prolem setting it up even for a not so skiled mechanic and it really stands out against all other tables that much I will get it.

(to answer the question that will surely come out - yes I know about the tight pockets on the Diamond and that's the reason I want it, I hope in the long run it would be good for my game to practice on a tough table)

Rich R.
11-14-2004, 05:34 AM
Why not contact Diamond and ask them?
They are a good company and I don't think they would tell you an experienced mechanic could do it, if they couldn't.
They may even be able to steer you to a mechanic experienced with their tables. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

11-15-2004, 06:47 AM
you could get a brunswick and shim the pockets

11-15-2004, 07:19 AM
I have a Diamond Pro and I wouldn't have anything else. My local table mechanic (and close friend) drove to the Diamond factory and picked the table up, brought it here and set it up for me. He had no problems as he is an experienced table mechanic.

It's built and goes together differently from other tables my guy had worked with but the instructions were pretty clear and we had no problems. The rails were covered at the factory as that is a rather long and tedious job that's best left to those with the most experience so my guy advised me to have them cover the rails.

I'm happy /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif Go to www.diamondbilliard.com (http://www.diamondbilliard.com) , call them, see if they now have a European distributor.

11-15-2004, 07:52 AM
The ones being used in the tournaments are the Diamond ProAm.The main difference being is that it has one piece slate. All they do is take the legs off and put them on a cart and move them from site to site. It's what we call a 9 foot bar box. We just had the Glass City Open here and the tables were going out the door for 4700 U S including table, light, and a set of super Aramith balls. As far as shipping, that is another story. Call Diamond for the real facts. Their number is (812) 288-7665. Website is www.diamondbilliard.com. (http://www.diamondbilliard.com.) Good luck!