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11-14-2004, 10:21 AM
I came up with what I think is a good way to play pool with a beginning player and make it difficult for myself to win.

My neighbor has just started playing pool at my house. This is her first time playing pool. I decided to try something different than my "intentionally missing shots so she could shoot in her balls" play. In addition to her regular shots allowed, I give her 7 free ball-in-hand shots which she can use at any time, she gets call pocket whereas I must call caroms etc. off other balls (bar rules), and when I am about to shoot the 8-ball, I stop and let her use her remaining ball-in-hand shots.

So she plays as normal, but if she misses a shot, she has the option of using a ball-in-hand shot, placing the cue ball anywhere on the table, and shooting. (If she makes the shot, she can keep playing.)

This is working really well for both of us. Instead of me leaving her with 7 balls on the table, it is working out to where she frequently has only one or no balls left. I have to play my best to beat her. It feels like I am playing a top player, can't afford to miss any shots, etc.

So I am getting my good difficult practice in and she is able to just about taste victory, but not quite, so she is highly motivated to take time on her shots and improve her playing. She is improving quickly. (I will adjust the free ball-in-hands down as she gets better..)

I did this because when I first started playing pool seriously, better players would leave me with no shot when they missed and 7 balls on the table. Then I would go sit down. This gave me no shooting practice when I needed it the most, yet the better player remained at the table and got plenty of practice. Did not seem like a good way to learn anything.

Anyone else do anything like this with beginning players? (Other than removing some of their balls, which actually gives an advantage to the better player because it is easier to run out...)

11-14-2004, 08:26 PM
Billy Bob,

Sounds good. When I play with others that haven't played much or at all, I often shoot with the opposite hand. It opens alot more options when i'm playing seriously. get some real good practice in at the same time. I think in an odd way, it made me see the ball better and increase my concentration. What I really like about this type of practice was not having to take the bridge out as often when playing the other way. /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif