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11-14-2004, 12:10 PM
Situation is this, I have my favorite custom still running a Moori probably a good year or better of use, there's maybe 2 layers left. I used to believe thin was perfect, even had Spiderman turn several shafts down on purpose to get them to .1 to .15, but recently on my retrofits to Moori tips on other cues I own, left them tall and realy enjoy them. Question is whether the remaining Moori material on my primary cue should be maintained as-is until I get to the total end of tip unability(safe zone) or would it be some of y'allz feeling that popping a new, taller Moori would satisfy me today. If it was anything other than a Moori I would have already chopped it off as an experiment, but when it all comes down to it, the body behind the cue is the key, and thin tips have carried me well in other stages of my playing days. Thoughts???sid

11-14-2004, 01:31 PM
Sid, I can't say what feels best for you, but you did say that on your retrofits with a taller tip, you really liked them. My best guess would be to replace it. You expressed that your preference was a tip with a height of .10" to .15". That would not be to my personal liking. .15" would be about my minimum. If you consider that you have a dime radius on the crown, the sidewalls have to be getting pretty thin. I used the tip on my cue as a comparison. My new Pechauer cue was ordered with an Everest laminated tip. I've used it heavily for 3-4 months. From the base to the tip of the crown is still .25". If the tip is only .10", in my estimation, it would definately be due for a retip. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif JMHO

11-14-2004, 01:51 PM
I need to be more definitive, the .1-.15 was the finished sidewall height, forgetting about the crown. Do you still replace one with that knowledge? Thanks...sid

11-14-2004, 03:34 PM
That makes a difference. LOL /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif I see no reason to replace it yet. It still has some usable life in it. Tip height will make a subtle difference in feel. A taller tip will usually provide a slightly softer hit, with all other things being equal. I use a dime to gauge the height of the sidewall. I recommend replacing the tip when the sidewall is dime thickness or less.(approx. .10") If you like the feel with the thicker tip, you may want to replace it, but it would not be dangerously thin. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif The only thing I have concern about in regards to tip height is not getting too carried away with tall tip height on layered tips, especiallly tips that are prone to delaminate. I have had a few Talismans in that regard. I peel a few layers back on them. I have no problems on the Everests yet, and have only heard of a few reports on the new Moori's.

Rich R.
11-15-2004, 04:15 AM
Sid, like everything else, in this game, it is all a personal choice. I know some pros that have the Moori's cut down half way, when installed. They like them shorter.

I have been using Moori Medium tips and I prefer to leave them tall, when installed. When they start to get too thin, they play more like the hard tips, which I am not a fan of, so I have them replaced. I probably have them replaced sooner than others would.

It's your cue, so it's your choice. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

11-15-2004, 07:29 AM
I like the feedback to my hand that I think using a thin tip provides.

11-15-2004, 07:42 AM
A player the other day told me that Moori tips needed to be left tall, but I get "free" advice all the time, so who knows. I'll be bound to leave it full height next time, or maybe get slightly more off by shaping, probably out of habit. The ones I have on other cues now haven't had a ton of use so the vote's not in yet whether they could breakdown. So far I have never had one problem with a Moori, none. Thanks...sid

11-15-2004, 10:09 AM
Rich, my personal preference seems to be similar to yours. I like a reasonably tall tip, and medium hit. When they begin to get short, the hit becomes too hard for my liking. I replace them sooner than it is actually necessary.

11-15-2004, 11:59 AM
I have been playing with the Moori Medium for several years and I have found it best to replace when you have three layers left. It seems to me that the less layers you have the harder it hits. I keep at least 4 layers because after that it has a hard time holding chalk and I think it because of the amount of glue on the bottom layers. Hope this helps. Later....

11-15-2004, 07:56 PM
Hi Sid,

I used to shave them down too but I found that the Moori's were firm enough at near full height to perform about the same as the cut down tip (once they are broken in).

When I left them full height, I found they compress more initially and after one good shaping they were done and I was left with about 2/3rds the tip.

I have given up on Moori's because they just don't bite enough for me. I liked the firm feel but was miscuing too much on extreme shots. I am back to an Elkmaster and that's it for me - it's a lot more work breaking in the tip and shaping it, but once that's done they're just great and don't get too hard. I haven't miscued in months with the Elkmaster and almost never have to mess around with it or scruff it.