View Full Version : Unable to Log on the board.

Chris Cass
11-16-2004, 09:33 AM
Hi Everyone,

#### Leonard is having trouble again login in on the board. It seems to spit out his name or something. I wish I knew more but he asked if I could get someone to help him out once more. Hoping Cueball 1950 Mike can help out here because he lives down the block from ####.


C.C.~~my modems been acting up and I probably need another one soon. I've experienced this for 3 weeks now. Todsy it's working and it's not the cable comp. Had Mediacom comeout and they told me my modem was bad. huh??? Anyway, someone please address ####' problem. TY

11-16-2004, 10:01 AM
Chris, we need to know the exact wording of the error when it happens, whether it's an authentication error from a bad password, or something else.

He can try deleting his cookies, doing a reboot, and then logging in again. He needs to make sure his cap locks are off, so he isn't entering his PW in the wrong case. A PM to the Admin can get his password reset if he needs to.

Other than that, there is a couple other things that can be going on, a trust problem between the server and his computer can be caused by certain firewall applications, or the password list on his machine could be corrupted.