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11-16-2004, 11:13 AM
From some WWI readings:

The differences on military policy, which during the last *** of the war caused friction between *** and ***, were such as are likely to arise in time of crisis between professional soldiers and the elected representatives of a democracy.*** views on strategy were sound… to decide that all the generals were wrong and that the truth lay with the civilians would indeed be a sad conclusion. Greatness of character is something different from greatness of mind or of intellect.
*** had a fine appearance, and a stern devotion to duty. Though he had no more idea that others how to win the war, he was sure that he could win it. Divine help would make up for any deficiencies on his part. This unshakeable confidence, and the support of the ***, enabled *** to survive a long record of failure and to emerge in the end victorious…

***: Great Scott sir, you mean, you mean the moment's finally arrived for us to give *** a darned good *** style thrashing, six of the best, trousers down?

You look surprised, ***

***: I certainly am, sir. I didn't realise we had any battle plans.

***: Well, of course we have! How else do you think the battles are directed?

***: Our battles are directed, sir?

***: Well, of course they are, *** -- directed according to the Grand Plan.

***: Now,*** has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the field. [they gather around a model of the battlefield]

***: Now, would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches and walking slowly towards the enemy sir?

***: How can you possibly know that ***? It's classified information.

***: It's the same plan that we used last time, and the seventeen times before that.

***: E-E-Exactly! And that is what so brilliant about it! We will catch the watchful *** totally off guard! Doing precisely what we have done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they'll expect us to do this time! There is however one small problem.

***: That everyone always gets slaughtered the first ten seconds.

***: That's right! And *** is worried that this may be depressing the men a tadge. So, he's looking to find a way to cheer them up.

***: Well, his resignation and suicide would seem the obvious solution.