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11-17-2004, 03:53 PM
that's what they're asking today, over at the state dep't. WASHINGTON: National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice was Tuesday nominated by President George W Bush as the new Secretary of State, a move that may herald intensification of US-India ties.
this is really good news because I've had to deal with folks from India lately, concerning my Amex card, my BOFA acc't, and today, my Dell computer order that somehow disappeared....if you can navigate the Dell website successfully, or somehow get past the voice menu system to a live operator....a tip of Dave Syrja's Twilly to you
Over on MSNBC last nite, the consensus was that she would have a hard time at the State Dept, as the hard-liners there would circle the wagons....(an old cowboy vs Indian maneuver?)
But she's a "Team player".. she opens her mouth and Bush speaks..."Bushspeak"...wasn't that used in Orwell's "1984"...he called it doublespeak though.
And speaking of team player's, G. Gordon Liddy acknowledged thaat while Sen. Specter is one, during crunch time, 3rd and long, you may not be able to count on him....too liberal
Gee, a liberal Republican...now that's doublespeak
The problem with our state dep't as the late Sen. Joe McCarthy pointed out..."there's too many card-carrying Republicans in it" I think that's what he said