View Full Version : THANKS to PIZZA BOB From BritzSticks

11-18-2004, 11:54 AM
Hi Pizza Bob..I appreciate your Imput on the Gold Crown Situation I'm in. When I said that the table "Looks Like" it had Trillions of Games played on it, I Meant it was Trashed. I'm not a complete Idiot, I DO Know what is Repairable and all of that jazz. The Cloth on this Table was the least of the Problems. It had EXTENSIVE Metal Wear on Everything Metal, as well as numerous Dings and Scrapes and Dead Cusions and Filthy Cloth, which I KNOW is replacable, but was Indicative of how the Table has been treated. The End Ball Box was loose, not a big deal. The Structure appeared fine, but it was Definately for someone that would want to restore it, and Not for ME, who barely knows one end of a hammer from the other. I'm having a poolroom built onto my house as we speak and don't want to put a Dog of a Table in the middle of it. I have a Stack of Questions for the Brunswick Dealer whom I'm going to meet with later today. I DONT Want to make any misstakes, with this big of a purchase for ME. The Core of the Problem, is I'm trying to seperate Reality from Fantasy when it comes to Just HOW Much difference is there going to be between Brunswick Table A and Brunswick Table B, when so far, I know the Slates and Cussions are Identical...Anymore Imput is Greatly apprecited..Take Care all and a Special Thanks to Pizza Bob and the others who have contacted me during this Stressful, but FUN Aspect of setting up the New Room...All the Best, Nick..:) Here's a Pic Of me, if it comes through, so you all don't think I'm a little old lady in Pasadena...:) http://home.comcast.net/~Britzy/campics/pic501.jpg