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11-19-2004, 10:05 AM
How capable would pool be of being, at least in the beginning self sufficient? There "are" people making money in the sport that would benefit from pool being on TV and growing. In my opinion the largest benefactor would be the pool rooms themselves. They make, as a whole, the largest amount on money in the industry. When pool is on TV or anywhere in the media they benefit. I remember before cable TV and VCR's, when the Hustler would be on TV you would always see a spike in new customers in the pool room, it would start the next day. An organization of room owners, and it would take a lot of them, could put on tournaments, as well as buy influence in the media in terms of product placement. Think about if instead of just meeting in the coffee shop, the Sinfeld bunch played pool a couple times a week as well. Or there is a table in shots in the West Wing. Pool has to be made to be such an everyday thing, that to put a table in your new house or going out to play is common place.
Pool is certainly addicting. I don't think I have even known someone who said, "I hate to play pool", most everyone finds it fun to play. I'm just brain storming a little and trying to think of some positive things. Will pool ever be as big as other sports, probably not, but it has potential to be farther along then it is. Other sports have done it very successfully such as Body building or Surfing. I doubt there is much outside money in those sports. I wonder just how many pool rooms there are in the US? If there was say a $250.00 annual fee plus associate memberships offered that would be a lot of money even if only a certain percent were to join at first.
The tournaments should not just be charity by the way, they should be as self supporting as possible but underwritten by the organization. I would not even have a problem with the ones running it making a decent salary and not just donating time. It should be their full time jobs and you hire qualified people. I mentioned associate memberships, I would join and send a check every year. My wife supports a local repertory theater group and they stink but she thinks this is important and gives them a bunch of money. There are I would bet a lot of people who think pool is important and would want to be members just to show their support. Maybe a bunch of dumb ideas, I don't know. I wrote this pretty quick, I hope it make some sense and stimulates a little positive discussion.

11-19-2004, 10:27 AM
not dumb at all

All together the pool rooms may be making the most money in the industry, but the biggest single moneymaker is the APA.

I would love to see the APA sponsor a men's tour. If they could just throw in a million a year they could get the players on the same page, demand codes of conduct, dress codes etc.

11-19-2004, 10:45 AM
an apa tour with a "pool czar" would work out great for everyone....as long as we used texas express rules! lol