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11-19-2004, 11:36 AM
It's been a long time since I've thought of her, but on a rainy morning, the name just popped into my mind. As far as looks goes, she was a dog; but what a body...fantastic shape,slim with all the right curves. She cost me $$ at first, a stone cold bitch, but in the end rewarded me for my faith in her.
It all started with a dream...I dreamt that I saw a car strike a kid, and speed off. In my dream, I wrote down the license number in blood. The following saturday, I went to Wonderland in Revere, near Boston,Mass and played the twin double. Florena Stone won the fourth race, and I won $2385, a princely sum in those days. Earlier, that summer, in that same fourth race, I had picked her over my second choice...who won the race.

I had one other "lucky" incident like that...I took all the letters in my name, gave them a numerical value, added them up, and reduced the answer to a single digit...8
I then played the 8 down, 8 across square on the Super Bowl card...and drew 5/1...not the best of numbers...great game though...Pittsburg, with Terry Bradshaw, beat the Dallas Cowboys 35/31...Dallas scored late in the 4th, kicked onside, recovered and scored again...getting a critical pass interference call. This time the payoff was a mere $900...$25 squares...$500 per quarter...and the "banker" pocketed $100. Played the same number three more times,in other games, and won once for $100...then gave up on it
I'm now trying to dream up the winning lotto numbers.
Has anybody else had similiar experiences?