View Full Version : 3 Weeks Of Relational Perfection, 1 Then 2-3-4 Emergency Cover Lies And Hurt

11-21-2004, 05:27 AM
Just a single lie, then a Clinton-style series of follow-up lies, busts the crap out of you, "why's it got to be that cold and cruel?"

This is hard friends, my life had cosmically evolved in 3 short weeks after a year of really becoming friends first, friends to an absolute, soul opening, honest-promising beginning of life, then the emmaculate physical thing, an amazingly intense evolving occurance, including statements of "We will never lie, only "we" can F this up, we are truly happy, nobody can kill this but us", you maybe know the blues of what I'm speaking, being betrayed after that repeated promise of full trust of honesty, which gives one human being a release of ALL of his individual worries and baggage of everything concerning your whole being, tell it all, gives you that absolute freedom to not hold anything back, a lifelong, "given-up possibility" to really again finding the real "you", the "you" before all the years of bruising which caused you to find and hide in your protective shell, SUCKS!

Well, let me tell you something people, if there's ever a time in your life that you get to be 52yrs and dating someone of the same age who let's you believe that a mystical beginning just took place after you consumated your relationship by "giving it all" in talking and commiting, promising the absolute preservation of the truth to forever keep that fragile perfection, that delicate brand new beginning of a new life following two empty lives of apparent misery,,,don't give up your soul to your friend's old girlfriend, a GF who addamently allowed you open ALL of your base level nerve centers after you'd decided because of years of disbelieve of the possibility of real love, "IT AIN' REAL PEOPLE", stay in your shell or at least hold something back, don't expose you whole self. You think at the time that it is a dream come true, but nightmares come from dreams, this was one nightmare for me.

I am going to ask anyone who is willing, to PM me for some help with this pain. It doesn't need airing here on this board, and yet I had to seek somebody's warm shoulder. I wish I could admit that it was an over-blown reaction after several drinks at a party, but believe me, it cascaded into a lie, then a denial, then an admission, then a return to her saying...

Relational Perfection, 1 & then 2-3-4 Emergency Lies, destroys everything,,,trust. Don't pull your pants all the way down to anyone, no matter how heaven sent that person appears to present themselves to be, you'll be really, and I mean really hurt.

Thank you for reading this. I just needed to talk, to someone, anyone, I knew y'all would be here so you are the first, and hopefully the most friendly of all to understand. PM me, I don't want to dribble about this on the CCB, but I'd love to discuss this in full details to anyone who wants to listen.

Thanks to anyone who PMs. There's one poster here, name not mentioned, who can please leave the PMs without him. It ain't nobody's fault but that human emotion of wanting that prayer answered from when you were a child, just to be honestly loved. Hurts so bad friends, so bad, all because of my giving open-giving-soul features. Nice guys finish last.

Thank you,
Sid~~~blues music on the satellite and wee morning hours

11-21-2004, 08:36 PM
Another place, another time. Thanks, sid

11-23-2004, 07:56 AM
Sid this is my new Board name, I had to delete the #### and start over.

My only words to you is this is why songwriters pick up a guitar/piano and start writing words and notes then notes and words. It hurts inside and it helps to get it out and hopefully you can get rich doing it.####Dick