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11-21-2004, 09:26 AM
I have read a little recently on here about leveling a table. I use a level but in the final fine tuning I just roll a ball in a series of patterns that tell me what the table is really doing and adjust it. I am no table mechanic per say but have leveled hundreds of tables like this. Even just as a customer in a pool room I have leveled tables when the owner was at his wits end with mechanics that for some reason don't seem to be able to do it with perfect results. Am I the only one who does it this way. Of course we are assuming the slates are true, which by the way my method will expose real quick.

11-22-2004, 01:52 AM
I did. Did it without the cloth ...talk about FAST! LOL ..the ball would roll for eternity but for the ends.

My table is WAY more level than any of the places I've played at around town - but still has a "break" in a few places. Its hard to really tell at times. I think its in the slate (pieces) leveling itself.

Someone had mentioned something about a cue ball in a deep pan of water ?

11-22-2004, 08:15 AM
I use a slow rolling ball as the final test of a table being level or not. And that is what counts the most if you ask me...

I was playing league in a bar once which had a terrible table. I volunteered to level this coin-op bar table. The owner said the table *was* level and brought out her level to prove it. Well the level showed the table was almost level, but not quite in my eyes. But in the owners eyes, the table was "level" since the bubble was "between the lines" (as would be the case for pouring concrete, installing a door, etc.).

But there is a slight difference in the bubble being "between the lines" on a level and being "equally between the lines" on a level. Also some levels have a guaranteed high degree of accuracy and others don't.

In any case, on this bar table in question, if you shot a long slow shot, the cue ball would not go in a straight line, but would curve and be 6 inches off the target when it got to the other end of the table!

So what I did was to level the table so I could roll a ball slowly the full length of the table and it would go in a straight line. I let a ball fall off the rail to do this, then I'm not accidentally using any English on the ball. I did this on left side, center, and right side. Also going the short rail direction. Left, center, right.

My final adjustments were maybe adjusting a side/end of the table maybe 1/8th inch higher or lower. This difference would be hard to notice with a level. But a slow rolling ball will show the difference.

When I was done leveling, you could hit a slow shot in any direction and the ball would continue on a straight path. For my purposes, that is what I call "level"...