View Full Version : Cup thrown at Artest briefly for sale on eBay

11-24-2004, 10:56 AM

NEW YORK (AP) -- The cup that ignited the biggest brawl in U.S. sports history could have been yours.

An item purported to be the cup thrown from the stands at Pacers player Ron Artest last Friday night was on eBay for less than 24 hours after bidding went out of control. The cup, listed for sale by someone from Sterling Heights, Mich., was put up for auction Monday, but the bidding was closed Tuesday afternoon when the price went to $99,999,999.

In the description of the cup, the seller wrote: "No sports collection will be complete without the addition of this vintage championship collector's edition beer cup. Simply a must for all Artest fans." There also were several photos of the cup hitting Artest, though there is no way to prove its authenticity.

After Artest was hit with the cup, he went into the stands, setting off a melee between players and fans. Artest was suspended for the season, while teammate Stephen Jackson was suspended 30 games and Jermaine O'Neal 25.