View Full Version : BCA/Colorado Springs/Youth Billiards

11-29-2004, 10:04 PM
So how many parents out there, or pros, want to teach their children to become a professional pool player? Lets see, the BCA in Colorado Springs, is chumming the waters, in their mind laying the groundwork for the sport??, no Way, its only to sell pool tables into homes thats for sure (they have nothing to do with BCA vegas, Mark Griffin), they also have a Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) that gives scholarships dollars to youth that write an effective article on the game/sport. They haphazardly throw together local regional events to create the Junior Nationals, what irony, the kids that write articles and get a few dollars scholarship money have no chance of beating the kid who's in the pool room every day aspiring to get a free entrance to the WPA Junior World Championships and become.................????????????, a few years back those kids in order to get into the Jr. Nationals had to PROVE to the BCA ( with a report card )to the BCA employee in Colorado Springs they were doing well in school, but now the BCA in the Springs doesn't require that anymore, wonder why,?????????? its definitely allot easier to get more players (great idea eh? )and also for the BCA employee to not have to spend time and money and effort to follow up? Any way back to the Colorado Springs support of youth billiards. So once the BCA in the Springs has gotten the youth hooked on the game, what support do they give them for the next level, its kinda like sending your kids to grade school but giving them no ability to go to high school or college. The BCA in the springs is a sad case, the sport got the organization to where it is today, but the frikin''''' AGENDA MINDED, SELF SERVING BCA BOARD MEMBERS COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ITS HISTORY and how the BCA got to this point, IT MAKES ME SAD AND GIVES ME THE ABILITY TO ONLY CRITICIZE THEM AND WANT TO PULL FARTHER AWAY FROM "THE GREATEST GAME" to the board members of the BCA its like another game of monopoly to be sold. Lets see a good rename for the BCA in the Springs would be, please help me out, Balls/Caps/Agendas.....Billiards/Crap/Agendas.........Balls/Cash/Agitation.........Billiards/Corrupt/Ass.oc. Beware/Crap/American oh I got it now, BCA means .....................Beware/Corporate/America the new BCA of 21st century. So How do you feel about the BCA'S support of the sport,???????? the BCA in the Colorado Springs, that represents the Hall of Fame players of the last 50 years, I think its relocation is in order. Please respond and create other threads to expose "where we are at" and what you think as to the future of the game in the USA.