View Full Version : Is our APA 8 ball league normal?

12-02-2004, 12:06 AM
I thought my previous league was fairly typical in terms of skills at various sls. We moved and are on a league that plays on double shims, which did require me to become a more accurate shooter. LOL. The previous league just 15 minutes away says everybody on our league is a sandbagger. They said the 4s played like 5s etc. At first I just thought that it was the double shims. Noone intentionally sandbags here that I can tell, they all try to win and I have not seen anyone padding innings.

But- many of the twos run 3 or more balls, even long shots, and the good 4s can nearly run out, get shape and break up clusters, etc. They are not any better at defense for their sl, however and typically do not run, because they put themselves in 'one ball hell'.

We have a sl3 on our team that in my mind, shoots like a 3, makes some balls, misses a lot and so forth. Our captain is mad at him IMO, for shooting like a three. It seems that they do not want you as a three unless you shoot like a decent to strong four and it goes on up the line.

So, where I once thought I knew how a person typically shot at a certain handicap, now I am uncertain.

For those who have been around apa a lot, like fred, is this league atypical or are typical 4s, 5s, etc better than I thought? Of course, the 7's are stronger too, run more racks. The higher sls in this league gamble a lot on the side and they send at least one team to vegas every year.

I really like playing in this league because the competition seems stiffer, but just wonder..


Jimmy B
12-02-2004, 02:34 AM
It can be 2 things.
1) when ou have better players you have more loses, this keeps SL's down. A 5 in a league with a bunch of A players and tight tables might be a 7 in a league filled with drunken bar playing 2's on easy tables.

2) The LO may be working the APA pyramid scam better in one league. The more complaints the more he moves people up (keeps people happy) then the more people get moved up the more teams need to break up and search out new players.


12-02-2004, 12:44 PM
two things...the players are better and they are also better at sandbagging

12-02-2004, 01:12 PM
I think the league is normal...but your captain needs help...getting down on a "3"...because he plays like a "3"
Is he supposed to play like a "5"?
Of course you'll see everything in handicapped sports
I've seen 105 avg. bowlers roll a 200+ game, an 18 hndcp'r break 80, and when I used to run USPPA tournaments, where the avg level was around 55...a young player came in with a $1k cue, a 15 avg, and he could draw the ball the length of the table, make balls and play safe....after the tournament, he went around trying to match up for $$
He didn't win the tournament, but we told him his services were no longer required at the room.
Hey maybe your Captain could use him

12-02-2004, 07:45 PM
Yeah, I felt sorry for this guy and he also has problems with his glasses, which does not help in aiming. When i started, I was playing like maybe a slightly better 3, but when I saw the level of the players, I thought 'uh oh, I better get on the ball' and worked to get better. But I have had laser surgery, so I can at least see what I am looking at. Not saying I am great, just enough that they arent looking to kick me off for losing more than I win. LOL

One more interesting thing. we have a few that play in this league and also in the previous one, which is a different franchise and they have different sls, ie- our captain is a 5 in our league and a 6 in the other one. That kind of surprised me. I thought that your higher sl was what you wer supposed to me, whereever you are in APA. Obviously I do not know much about how the APA works./ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif


12-02-2004, 08:25 PM
Laura, you've done something I would love to do...have laser surgery....but I fear the eye doctor more then the dentist. Three players I know of had it done...two were extremely pleased, anothe guy had to have it redone...twice...and it still didn't help, he says....all by the same Dr., who has done this for some of the Bay Area Pro Sports players.
Sounds like your vision has improved....maybe there's hope for me.
Someone posted here awhile back, on some of the proprietary elements that the APA uses to determine a skill rating....lot's of factors went into it, including the relative skills of players you compete against....it was way too complicated for me.
Bob Jewett developed a very simple handicapping system, that holds up very well, when compared with the same player's ratings , in the USPPA, which required a scorekeeper
....and then, UnRepublican-like...he gave it away. The NPL, under Gene Miller's direction, uses Bob's System.
The APA seems to be very popular in this area....bar pool is very popular....and most of the tables are 8 ft'rs, with fast clothe and red circle cueballs....I'm even thinking of trying out for one of the teams...I have a pg-13 rating (pretty good for a 13 yr old non-player) probably ='s an SL-1
And if I don't get the laser surgery, maybe I'll buy a laser cue.
The fun is in trying...winning most of the time must be boring...that's why I never get bored playing pool