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12-02-2004, 07:06 PM
Well sorry for another "help me on buying a table" post, but this is a big purchase and I'd like to make it right. I'm looking to spend around $3600 (Canadian) or down on a 4x8 table for my basement, to play with family and friends. I don't want to go the used route, and I have a table in mind. I'm thinking about getting the Americana II seen here. http://www.rivercitygames.ca/sitepages/billiards.asp?catagory=billiards#middle
From what you can see, does that seem like a quality enough table for what I want? And would it be absolutey necessary to get the 200$ cloth upgrade to simonis? Thanks.

12-02-2004, 08:40 PM
I know nothing about this table, maybe someone will chime in from your area. Note as the base frame gets better so does the price. The one you asked about is laminated plywood and melimine (press board).

Wouldn't be my cup of tea but it may last a long time if not moved around. Who knows?

Cloth, well I see no sense the first time around buying the good stuff. I mean the table construction is questionable (to me) so why buy expensive cloth?

I'd find others that own them and get an opinion.


12-02-2004, 09:16 PM
I think you could do better, but I guess that depends on what you want in a table and the price of that one.

For instance, that table looks very similar to a Brunswick Brookstone:


It's one of Brunswick's least expensive furniture-grade tables, i.e. a real wood table with 1" slate, not a cheap laminate gameroom table, and it goes for about $2000 US around here last I knew. The cheaper Brunswicks are imported now and may not be of the quality they used to be, but they are still fine tables IMHO. Hardwood frames, 1" Brazilian slate (not Italian, but Brazilian is sufficient for the money), and lifetime warranty as long as Brunswick-certified mechanics install and maintain it.

I have a Brunswick Avalon that I paid about $3500 US with Simonis 860 and a Centennial Kit a couple years ago:


I love it -- it's perfectly fine for me and has held up very well to my kids and their friends so far. It is very solidly built -- I'm a big heavy guy, and my table sits directly on a highly polished hardwood floor (only wood shims between the legs and floor), and it has never budged or slid when I stretch out across or bumped into it. The only pressboard I saw when it was assembled was the 1" backing frame on the slate, everything else on the frame is solid Ash hardwood. Here's a picture (http://home.alltel.net/dmorris/billiards/pics/images/table03.jpg) of my table in Original Mahogany finish.

There are certainly other acceptable tables available that are cheaper than Brunswicks too. But that table you linked to quite frankly doesn't look like a good investment. I don't see a price on it, but if it's anywhere close to $3600 CDN it's a rip-off IMO.

By my exchange rate calculations, $3600 CDN = about $3000 US. For that money you can have a very nice table, although I'm not sure what extra expense there would be in getting it in/to Canada. Still you should be able to get a lot more table for your money.

If you're at serious about playing and want a table that will last, I would recommend you look at a higher quality table and personally I would spring for the Simonis. If you have a $3600 budget, find a table that just fits that budget -- if you're serious about the game at all, don't skimp, because you generally do get what you pay for, and a good table is a lifetime piece of furniture.