View Full Version : Kick Shots on Various Tables?

12-03-2004, 03:36 PM
A few months back I wanted to improve my kick-shot success rate so I took the time to get educated.I learnt 5 different kicking systems(diamond etc) for various table locations and situations.I also learned from Grady Mathews, Dr.Cue, Jimmy Reed, Don Feeney and Fast Eddie Parker videos.

Two pool halls I go to have Dufferin Challenger (Canadian made, apparently now out of bussiness) Tables and the learned Diamond systems are deadly accurate on those tables with my stroke.I can make a really high percentage of kick shots and I am of course very pleased.

The other pool hall however, which has the Brunswick Gold Crowns is a different story.On a three rail kick shot, the ball comes up a full diamond different.And no, it doesn't have brand new cloth which I understand can be influential.

I know that adjustments need to be made pool hall to pool hall, cloth type to cloth type and sometimes even table to table.I also know that the best players eventually learn to kick by feel. I also have learnt that humidity can be influential in effecting kick shots.

Gold Crowns are known to be among the very best tables.Has anyone else noticed kicking system irregularities on Gold Crown tables?It rains alot here in Vancouver and the pool hall withs the GC's is on the street level and perhaps is effected more by humidity. The two pool halls with the Dufferin Challengers are in the basement, perhaps where humidty might not be as prevalent.

Do you kick with systems or by feel? Have you noticed differences kicking on different tables. Any comments would be interesting. RJ

ps. With a little time spent on the GC's, I'm sure I can make the nessecary adjustments to KICK some a$$...LOL

12-03-2004, 05:21 PM
I'm sure humidity and maybe even temp may have some effect, but my guess is that it is the type or condition of the rails. I recently purchased a Gold Crown IV and I've noticed a difference, but then I was previously playing mostly on pretty old, used tables. I haven't found it too dificult to compensate.

I usually set up a 2 rail kick into one of the corner pockets to determine if the table is running long or short. It's a good idea to do this for each table before you play a game/match on it.