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12-07-2004, 09:34 PM
The Orlando Open August 3 ~ 7, 2005
$30,000+ in cash and prizes based on full fields.

Hey Pool Players! Here it is, The Orlando Open at Walt Disney World® in Lake Buena Vista Florida! Beginning the week of August 3, 2005, this will be the most magical event ever in billiards history. You are invited to play and bring the entire family. There is something to do for EVERYONE! We have designed this sensational event where there are events to play in, the Magic of Walt Disney World® Theme Parks to play at.

This event of a lifetime will include a high energy Junior event (in 2 different age fields), parent or adult and child events, 9 Ball in both Open and Women’s divisions, 8 Ball Mini and much much more.

We have designed this program so that you can go to the parks in the morning before it becomes very hot and then return in the evening when the sun sets to see the fireworks display. We are offering you discounted
Park Hopper® Passes early entrance and late departure from the parks.

Walt Disney World® affordable for the first time ever! This Exceptional Offer Includes:
· Billiards mixed with the excitement of this ageless resort.
· Radically reduced $99.00 room rates at Disney’s® Coronado Springs Resort located directly on Walt Disney World® Resort property.
· Entrance into the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks early and late departure after the park closes.
· Free transportation to all Theme Parks. Discounted Park Hopper® Passes.
· And, 28,000 sq. ft full of tournament play!
· Vendor Space Available
You Do Not have to be a member of any league system to play in this event! ALL players worldwide WELCOME!

All tournaments are double elimination 9-Ball format with the exception of mini tournaments. All tournaments include registration fees as a part of the entry. All player rankings are determined by the tournament director and committee. Late entry fees apply.

1. Juniors 14 and under $25 Race to 4 $5 registration
2. Juniors 15-18 $35 Race to 5 $5 registration
3. Parent/Child $40 entry Race according to chart (4, 5 or 6) $ 5 registration

Parent Child event is Scotch Doubles 9 Ball. Begins Noon on Thursday
Parent / child 14 under Race to 4
Master Parent / child under 14 Race to 5
Parent child 15-18 Race to 5
Master Parent / child 15-18 Race to 6

Both Divisions of Juniors begin Noon on Friday. Play ends around 6pm and concludes on Saturday with the restart beginning at 11 am.

Must choose and play in only one of these three events. Events above do not conflict.

Mickey’s 9-Ball Event ~ Restricted ability tournament
Starts Friday 5pm with player auction. Tournament immediately following
Race to 7/7 Double elimination $50 entry $10 registration
Limited to 256 NO pro/grand master/top amateur/ or master level or equivalent players will be allowed.

Minnie’s 9-Ball for Women ~ $50 entry $10 registration / Double elimination.
Women race to 6
Master level women race to 7
Grand Master women race to 8

Donald Duck’s Big Quacker ~ $150 entry $15 registration /Double elimination OPEN to Pro Players!!
Start time Friday 9 PM with player auction. Tournament to begin immediately following.
Open player’s race to 7
Master level players race to 8
Grand master/top amateur race to 9
Pro player or pro caliber player race to 10
Women player’s race to 7
Pro women race to 9

*Any player entering the Mickey’s Open when he is a known master or equivalent will be disqualified and forfeit his entry fee. **If you have a question as to your status, you must submit your full name, address, age to the promoters. *** Every effort will be made to determine your ranking prior to the event.
****All mini tournaments will be single elimination/loser breaks unless otherwise specified.
Entry amounts and format may vary. Be the first to receive one of these limited Mickey Mouse awards

Junior Events Trophies and prizes
Parent / Child Trophies and prizes

Minnie’s 9-Ball Event Total Purse of over $2500 based on 64 entries

Mickey’s 9-Ball Event Total Purse of over $10,000.00 based on 256 entries

Donald Duck’s Big Quacker Event Total Purse of over $16,000.00 based on 128 entries.
First place $4000 based on 128 entries. (Entry $155 includes $15 registration fee)

Over $30,000 in cash and prizes based on full fields.

** Parent or Adult and Child Events are formulated for tournament play with your child and a relative or friend over the age of 21. Race according to chart.

More tournament information can be found at www.OrlandoOpen.com (http://www.OrlandoOpen.com) or by contacting Eydie Romano at 630-244-2900 or e-mail windycityopen@aol.com

Bring the entire family, the grandparents are welcome too! Enjoy the magic of Disney's Four captivating Theme Parks, Dive into fun at Two refreshing Water Parks, Play a Round of Golf at One of the Five Championship Courses, or Pamper yourself at World-Class Spas. There's something here to spark the imagination and spirit of everyone in your family.
For Room booking please call Linda at 1 603-464-6638 or 1-877-300-5865 between the hours of 9 am and 9pm EST. Mention The Orlando Open code # G-0422380 or E-mail Linda@mousetyme.com or log on at http://www.mousetyme.com/OrlandoOpenIntro2.html

12-07-2004, 09:51 PM
What is the added? Am I doing the math wrong, or do the entry fees exceed the returned money?

I.E. Donald Duck's Big Quacker ~ $150 entry $15 registration /Double elimination OPEN to Pro Players!! Entry fees = $165. x 128 = $21,120.00

Donald Duck's Big Quacker Event Total Purse of over $16,000.00 based on 128 entries.???

Not to mention, that is one very expensive place. In fact they just raised the fees I think today.

12-07-2004, 10:03 PM
Yes, You are correct.. I screwed up! UGH!!!!!! /ccboard/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

The Correct amount is $17,640 in the Big Quacker! PLUS hopefully much added money. Still waiting on sponsorships.


12-07-2004, 10:10 PM
The $15.00 is deducted from the $150. = $135 x 128 = $17,280. It is not an additional $15 on top of the $150.

Hope this is more clear now.


12-07-2004, 10:11 PM
Makes more sence, thanks.

12-07-2004, 10:20 PM
Your Welcome. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, and if your ever need a job as a proof reader, please give me a call. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif
My post's always need extra eyes since mine go cross eyed typing all this stuff! /ccboard/images/graemlins/blush.gif

As far as the prices for Disney, we have a great rate at $99 a night and discounted park hopper passes and other perks.

The Coronado Springs Resort is one of the nicest properties on Disney. I hope that all who attend, will enjoy their visit and bring the kids or grand kids in my case.

Happy Holidays Popcorn ~ Hope to see you there!


12-08-2004, 09:17 AM
Looks to be a great event! I wish you and Bob all the success with it. Hopefully depending on my schedule i would like to attend. Take Care and have a Merry Christmas.