View Full Version : Rail(bumper?) Repair..(legs too)

12-10-2004, 10:34 AM
Hi, new to the forums, been lurking for a few days, looking for any information on rail(bumper?) repair. Sorry if it has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything via the search function.

Anyway, I have an old coin-op bar table, that needs a little fixing up, the rails are sagging uncontrollably, it has gotten to the point where the ball will hop when it hits the rail(this is due to a few years ago, where it was used as seating..).

There is also a leg that has come a little loose, and the diamonds are gone along the sides, those however, I think I can handle(although any pointers are welcome!).

The rails are my main conern. I went to all state billiards the other day, and asked about my poor rails, they said I could do it myself, and all it would take is some 'constantine glue', which I could find at any local hardware store. I'm just wondering what you guys think, and is this information correct?

I visited a site the other day that someone had mentioned in my previous post, they had loctite contact adhesive for rail repair glue, carpal tunnel also mentioned this, I will go find some today.

Here's a few pictures of the problems...

first, lets start with what the subject was all about, the rails..
first rail (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/bumper1.jpg)
second rail (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/bumper2.jpg)

(i know the felt is in terrible condition, but it's fine for my current skill level, and im a broke college student sooo..)

ok, next is the legs..
both legs (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/bothlegs.jpg)
bad leg (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/badleg.jpg)
fuzzy picture..
fuzzy leg (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/legfuzzy.jpg)

and last but not least, what's left of the only diamond still somewhat visible..

the diamond (http://escalated.net/~merc/pooltable/diamond.jpg)

I believe the diamonds were painted on, I seem to remember picking at them and they would come off with very little effort.

any and all input/suggestions are welcome, cuz I need it! I'd like to get back into pool(i just uncovered this table a week or so ago), but I'm going to need to fix it up just a bit!



looks like its a fischer table.. ::shrug::