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12-22-2004, 09:29 PM
True story:

"I opened my junk mail and there it was -- a fake check -- on light blue paper, made out in my name, for the amount of $95,093.35, complete with electronic banking numbers along the bottom and an "authorized signature." It looked so real, except for the words "non-negotiable" printed clearly in the top right-hand corner.

I scooted Hobbit, my cat, off of the keyboard and to the right of my monitor. A letter, attached to the fake check by a perforated score, read:

Patrick Combs, I expected to hear from you by now. Take a close look at the check above. It's just a sample of the money you could be receiving.

We took in that amount in just three weeks. Other mailboxes have also made hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, your mailbox, at 326 Carl Street, could soon be stuffed full of checks in varying amounts and free merchandise. This is the same offer youve seen on TV! Patrick, I know what you must be thinking, "Is this for real?" Let me assure you, it is very real.

I knew it was a bogus come-on from some junk mail scammer, but I liked it none-the-less. I loved seeing my name attached to so much money. I was in $40,000 of credit card debt that Id run up in the last two years launching myself as a professional speaker. $40,000 of debt sucks, especially when you're only twenty-eight.

The fake check seemed too good for the trash. I figured that there had to be something fun I could do with it. It was, at the very least, a good novelty item deserving a place on my wall...

But then I thought of something even better...

Deposit it."

Read the whole story here (http://www.man1bank0.com/home.cfm?page=2) . It is a LONG read, but enjoyable.

12-23-2004, 07:56 AM
It was very very long but enjoyable.