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12-26-2004, 07:54 PM
Hi! New to the board here! Just 'inhereted' an old Gandy table out of one of my favorite haunts in Lawrence Kansas. It has to be at least a 1980 table, probably 1970's. It is totally disassembled. It is a 3-piece slate table, with pedestal legs, not one on each corner. Also, I believe the legs are lacking adjustable levelers. My best recollection is that it is a 4'x8' table, though it could be a 9'.
Does any one know where I might find assembly instructions
for an old Gandy? The best estimate I got for assembly and recovering was $650..not that that is so bad, especially since I got the table free, but I don't have it now! The rails are original [so they are shot I think], the 'felt' is beer stained and cigarette burnt..all in all cuite a dog at the moment, but I think it has potental!
Please e-mail me at fnord1138@aol.com with suggestions. I want to try to get it assembled asap! Thanks!

Pizza Bob
12-27-2004, 06:12 AM

That is the link to American Heirloom tables. A company that arose from the "ashes" of Gandy - not really, but it was founded by former employees. I believe they have all remaining Gandy parts, etc. You'll need to know the model number or name, at the least - maybe a picture would suffice. Don't know if they can help, but it's worth a shot.


Pizza Bob