View Full Version : First Tournament of Year

01-02-2005, 05:27 AM
A local bar with 10 Olhausen 4x9's ran a special tournament to start off the year where he added extra money. Drew 54 players (all local - mostly APA players). 1st place paid $200, 2nd $125, 3rd $75, 4th $50, 5th $20. Race to 5 on winners side; race to 4 on losers side. No handicap. 5$ entry fee. A 9 on the break pot. And a break and run pot. Not bad for just a local bar. Best I have seen since I have been here.

I played well and had the pool god on my side and managed to beat an APA 8 (I'm only an APA 6.999 and holding) 5-3 but then he knocked me out on the losers side 4-3 and I finished 5th for $20. Just too many good (none APA type) players to suit me. They normally spot me the 8 or 7.

And of course I broke and ran once but it was too late. And the same thing on the 9 on the break - made that too late too. They were both won in the first round.


01-02-2005, 07:44 AM
Sounds like you had a lot of fun.......randyg