View Full Version : Woman uses dousing rod to find old graves

01-09-2005, 06:06 AM
All holes barred, woman has way of finding graves

PILGRIM - Using the same technique that helps locate water wells, a South Texas woman has been helping find old family graves where headstones were lost.

Using two L-shaped rods, one in each hand, Marjorie Lee Burnett walks around a suspected graveyard until the metal starts to wiggle. If the rods pull apart from each other, she's stumbled upon something.

But the 68-year-old says she's not sure how the metal rods allow her to find unmarked graves.

"You just let them rest in your hands until they move," she said.

Burnett learned how to use the rods from a funeral director about 10 years ago.

As Burnett has used her skill to locate old family graves, more residents are seeking her services. Some want to locate long-forgotten family burial plots.

Most of the time, the only clues she has are family tales of an ancestor being buried near a large rock, under a tall tree or on top of a rolling hill.

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