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05-24-2002, 08:58 PM
I am heading to Charlotte tomorrow morning (Sat)for the Nascar Race on Sunday. I take 58 in VA to 85 south to Charlotte. WHich rooms should i Visit? Chris,wheres your room?Off 85?Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to stop every 60 or so miles to see the "room" IN THE TOWNS as I travel south....

05-24-2002, 09:14 PM
okay Brady, a noble goal, but NASCAR? Nascar is for wusses! If you ain't a drag racer, you ain't $**t!

05-24-2002, 09:31 PM
I have a drag car, i will take the kick.......I like almost all racing...OPEN MINDED...

05-24-2002, 09:48 PM
Dont bother with Mothers in Charlotte. I couldnt even get a decent piece of chalk there and i specifically asked. I have met the owner. My mother said "If you cant say anything nice......"

05-24-2002, 10:00 PM
Nope, not me!! Not on that subject anyway! LOL What the hell, checkers sells more than chess...... who said that? a little late night trivia....

05-24-2002, 10:07 PM
You are absolutely correct Lorri, "I AIN'T" !!!

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Lorri:</font><hr> okay Brady, a noble goal, but NASCAR? Nascar is for wusses! If you ain't a drag racer, you ain't $**t! <hr></blockquote>

05-24-2002, 10:08 PM
Hey Brady, Of course your first stop should be at Colonial Billiards (Home of Wimpy Lassiter) right here in Elizabeth City. All I want is the eight and the breaks, that should warm you up pretty good for the rest of the trip. I hope you dont mind playing on a vintage table with clay balls, you'll get used to it after a while haha. You guys have fun sleeping in the Durango.....Brandon Pureza aka Big Daddy

05-24-2002, 10:10 PM
didn't paul newman say that in the hustler?

05-24-2002, 10:11 PM
Right guy, wrong movie.

05-24-2002, 10:12 PM
The Color of Money!


05-24-2002, 10:15 PM
Very good Mike!!! You win.......
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! But you do get recognition as the guy who said it first. Think of it as a consolation prize..... Ha! One post away from leveling up!

05-24-2002, 10:17 PM
Please allow me the honor of "leveling you up".

Reply away!


05-24-2002, 10:27 PM
color of money

05-24-2002, 10:56 PM
You got it Darlin' !! Thanks for the boost! Was it good for you? LOL

05-24-2002, 11:44 PM
Hello Mate,
There is nothing wrong with mothers.I like Mothers and I like it`s owner Kelly.Eventhough it looks rough these days,it is still the place for some action.If u are looking for action avoid `` Catfish`` and Brady.If u visit greensboro go to Collesium billiards with a body guard and winchester.Cheers

05-25-2002, 02:26 PM
I fell asleep right after that post. If it was good for you that's good enough for me!!!


05-25-2002, 09:55 PM
Kelly sold it to some guy named Malcolm B...? about 10 mos. ago....the place sucks IMHO....try Rack Runners on North Tryon....12 tables and the closest to the speedway.