View Full Version : A pool tounament like the WSOP(pretty darn long)

05-25-2002, 03:59 AM
A pool tournament run along the lines of the WSOP.

Some may be aware; others may not that the World Series of Poker is currently wrapping up in Las Vegas. The 30+ events are all played with the last event, a 4-day 600+ entrant 2,000,000 first prize tourney dubbed "the big one" also about to finish up. The thought has crossed my mind to whether or not a pool tournament, structured along the same lines could ever work. My synopsis.

Entry Fee: The entry fee at the WSOP Main Event(ME) is $10,000. The promoter takes 6% for expenses. Other events cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to enter. This year over 600 paid the 10k to partake, although only about 1/3 paid the full 10k out of their own pocket, the rest entered the tournament through the satellite system.

Satellite System: A very simple theory, 10 people pay $1000 and play a freeze out match. The winner gets their entry fee paid to the ME. There are also super satellites, where several people play. Ie. 100 people pay 300 dollars and the top 3 get their entry fee paid. Also other casinos across the country will run tournaments with their winner receiving his entry fee, these satellites exist for the large events as well as the smaller events.

So for pool this would be how I would envision it working. A promoter would have 40 or so tables in a Vegas casino banquet room along with 40 more tables in another room. There would be an arena set up for the main tables, as the other event starts, the final portion of the previous tournament would run here. The event would run for two weeks. All the events would be two days long, with the next event starting in the morning and the previous days event finishing up in the evening.

Event 1 $1000 9-ball
Event 2 $1000 Ladies 9-ball
Event 3 $1000 14.1
Event 4 $1500 Bank Pool
Event 5 $1000 One Pocket
Event 6 $5000 8-ball
Event 7 $1500 10-ball
Event 8 $2500 9-ball
Event 9 $2500 14.1
Event 10 $2500 One Pocket
Main Event $10,000 9-ball
ME would run for 4 days.

Satellites would be run throughout the tournament in the "practice room" and at local pool halls. For two days before each of the smaller events satellites would be available, and satellites for the ME would be available every day.

Each event would need tinkering with their format, 14.1, One Pocket would probably need to be single elimination but with long races. The ME would be something like race to 13 DE winner breaks.
I highly doubt this would ever fly unless T.V. was somehow involved, that way players might have the chance to be backed by corporations. What makes it work for poker is the supposed luck factor where people are willing to throw away 10k thinking if they can just get lucky they might have a shot, untrue, but if it helps them sleep at night. Not to mention that there are a lot of really good poker players. I'm not sure if enough people play pool well enough to be willing to put up 10k.

Hey I'm bored and half drunk so if this idea makes no sense it is Jack Daniel's fault. Pick it apart.