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01-10-2005, 01:38 PM
Saudi Arabia is the only oil producer who has the extra or reserve capacty to produce oil. They can produce an extra 2.5 million barrels per day(mbd) any day they want. Being the only producer in the world with this extra capacity they are a linchpin in the stability of world oil prices. This extra capacity is their ace in the hole. The last thing they, the Saudias, want to see is Iraq's oil fields come on line and start to grow that extra production rate whose moneys would help reconstruct Iraqs economy/infrasture, there by, lowering the influence of the Saudia royal family.

There is a dangerous balancing act is being played in the Middle East and it is all about control of oil. The terrorist are not stupid, they know they can keep Iraqs oil production stagnant by just attacking the oil facilities a couple time a week. The terrorist basically have carte blance to do this up and down the line of Iraqs oil industry. All they have to do is walk out of the dessert with some cheap explosives carried in their Nike backpacks and blow a hole in a pipeline, blow up some pump station, or even just threaten oil industry workers so they are afraid to go to work....after one ponders this ability that the terrorist possess in Iraq one might come to the conclusion that if they really want hurt the US or for that matter Western Civilizations oil dependant economys that depend on Middle Eastern oil they would just walk across the dessert in different directions and just blow holes in Saudia Arabias oil industry production capacity. Seems like a no brainer, so, why doesn't old rag head Benny Boy issue orders to his religious wack jobs to do just that??? After all he hates the royal Saudia family doesn't he???

Like I said these terrorist guys are not stupid. They know that if the Saudia supply of oil were ever seriously threaten the US Army would be in there like stink on $hit and Iraq and Saudia Arabia would become, in effect, the fifty second and third states in the United States of America....and all of a sudden we would control 80% of the world oil reservse then all sorts of crazy stuff would start to happen all around the world.

...just sit'n around think'n on a cold snowy day.....
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