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01-21-2005, 12:52 AM
Kerry, watching from Row 7, sounds a note of defiance
Houston Chronicle ^ | 1/20

WASHINGTON - It's no fun being the runner-up on inauguration day.

To add to the poignancy for Sen. John Kerry, Thursday's inauguration was a year and a day since his surprise victory in the Iowa caucus propelled him to the Democratic nomination and, almost, the presidency.

Kerry's seat assignment was in the seventh row as President Bush took the oath of office. And every time they flashed his picture on the Jumbotron, the crowd full of wealthy Republicans jeered.

But he sounded a note of defiance as he looked ahead to the next four years.

"Democracy means ... keeping faith with your ideals, never retreating from core convictions even as you work to find common ground," Kerry said in a statement.

Some Kerry campaign staffers simply got out of town. Some booked a cruise. Others, like former campaign communications director Stephanie Cutter, headed to the beach.

"I lived through it once. I don't need to live through it again," she said.


01-21-2005, 01:34 AM
Actually I think Kerry did okay. He still has over 76 million dollars in his campaign fund. Kind of makes you wonder where all that money will go. I notice he has paid himself back for the loan...

John Forbes Kerry
Campaign finance data

Office: President (US)
FEC ID: P80000235
Date reported: 10-13-2004
Individual contributions: $221,493,411
PAC contributions: $141,918
Candidate loans: $6,387,965
Candidate loan repayments: $6,387,965
Other loans: $500,000
Other loan repayments: $0
Total disbursements: $260,698,368
Total receipts: $333,758,674
Ending cash: $76,121,181<hr /></blockquote>
source (http://data.sacbee.com/elections/bios?id=1724)