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Fred Agnir
01-21-2005, 01:20 PM
I'm back home. I'm exhausted. I've got a lot to say, but no energy to type.

The 9-ball players had started to roll in. The scene and theme started to change. Before the 20th, hardly anyone was matching up at 9-ball. Now, more and more side action included the higher pace game.

I met and spent a little time with Sarah Rousey. Wonderful young woman with a long row to hoe. Peppy and bubbly, this girl will ram the balls right up your pooper if you take her lightly. She also has a lot of great ideas for pool that she needs to voice out. She needs to get past her initial shyness. She needs to get a tattoo. That always helps people get over shyness.

From the action standpoint, I can't remember what story has been told and not told. There was an ongoing 10-ball ring game, paying the 10 only. At any time, there were three or four players with the money ball climbing in worth upwards to 800 jelly beans. At first, no world beaters were in the game which may have consisted of Lil John, Sparky, Branden Ashcroft among others. Cliff Joyner and his backer entered the mix and quickly became the front runner. Branden dropped, and John Schmidt joined the action. Sparky dropped after Schmidt started to get on a roll. Then Joyner's backer cut bait, and Joyner called it a night about 7000 winner, much to the chagrin of the others involved.

And then there were two: Schmidt and Lil John. John had been a big winner for most of the week, but this ring game with the addition of world class players was quickly eating away at his bankroll. The two temporarily quit as they were trying to get a third in the action. Enter Marco Marquez, who his backer woke up out of a slumber we guess. They reflipped for the order, even though Schmidt should have been breaking. No matter, the flip ended up keeping the same order, but with Marquez breaking. Marquez dogged two balls early, prompting murmurs from the crowd about bringing in the right guy. But, he soon turned it around by breaking big and seemingly always getting a shot on the one ball. He also was following the right player in Lil John.

Marquez should be on anyone's list of world-class 10-ball players as he is on the one-hole elite list. Marquez broke the ring about ten games into his arrival, winning 6 or 7 at 600/game. Lil John unscrewed leaving two warriors without a ring to play.

Schmidt wanted to continue some heads up, but Marquez decided that he no longer had the nutz. 5:00 AM. Time for some sleep.

When I left yesterday 1/20, Delicious and Gabe were supposed to have a 10-ahead match for 10. I assume they would be playing 9-ball, but 10-ball would seem to make moreliterary sense: 10-ahead, 10-ball for 10 large. My scouts need to give me an update. Owens has played some mighty side matches. As of this writing, he has my vote for the St. Louis Louis Award. If only I had a vote.

BTW, I picked up an Andy Gilbert j/b cue to match with the shooter I got a few months ago. Pictures to come, I suppose.


01-21-2005, 06:09 PM
Thanks for the update Fred. Sounds like you got to see some great matchups. I'm anxious to hear(read) more when you are awake.