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01-21-2005, 03:10 PM
BEIJING -- British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on Friday defended his country's campaign to lift a European arms embargo on China, calling it inconsistent because human rights violators such as North Korea aren't under a similar ban.

Straw said Britain wants to see China covered instead by an EU code of conduct that regulates all weapons sales to other countries.

"The code is wider and stronger than this individual embargo," he said after meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Li Zhaoxing. "There is an issue of consistency here because there are embargoes on China, Zimbabwe and Burma. There is not an embargo with respect to North Korea, which has a terrible human rights record."

Chinese officials said the arms ban would be a key issue in talks with Straw. But in brief comments to reporters, Straw and Li didn't say whether they took up the issue or what they discussed.

The United States, Japan and other governments have lobbied the EU to retain the arms embargo. Washington says arms sales could undermine East Asian security, endanger Taiwan and hurt efforts to push China to improve human rights.

EU leaders say the embargo could be lifted in as little as six months following an official review. Britain, France and Germany say the ban hinders relations with Beijing and that there are safeguards preventing any arms sales from being used improperly.<hr /></blockquote>source (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/apasia_story.asp?category=1104&amp;slug=China%20Britai n)

This is a very dangerous thing to do. China is desperately trying to acquire Western military technology, and this will open the door wide. China is very good at copying things, and have already copied the Russian SU-27 fighter (J-11) and the US/Israeli joint project Lavi (J-10). Both are 4th Generation fighter jets that China is building in very large numbers.

China has already got some very advanced jet engine technology (single-crystal turbine blade metallurgy), that the US developed, and was stolen by Russia. This was used on the SU-27's AL-31F engines, and brought them up to Western standards of power and reliability. China has copied the entire engine (called the WS-10 in China), and will use it in the J-10 and J-11 aircraft. <font color="blue">This single technology quadruples the lifespan of the engine.</font color>

Lifting the embargo could also give China access to western avionics for these planes, which is the only thing left that makes them inferior to our current generation of aircraft.

China has also copied Israeli AWACS (Phalcon), and Russian nuclear submarines (Type 093 and 094). Their DF-31 and (future) DF-41 ICBM's are of Russian design, and use nuclear warhead designs that China got from the US (through espionage at Los Alamos, and Clinton Foreign Policy) in the 90's. A modified version of the DF-31 will go on the Type 094 Ballistic Missile Sub, and will be capable of striking anywhere in the US with very little warning.

If the EU cancels the embargo, the US should <font color="red">terminate</font color> our arms agreements with the EU. Cancel all shipments of jet engines by GE and Pratt-Whitney, kick the EU out of the JSF program, and shut down their access to advanced radar and missile technology from Raytheon and Northrup Grumman.

<font color="red">We cannot trust</font color> France or Germany not to sell this stuff to China, which means it could also end up in Russia (which could threaten NATO and the former Soviet Republics), Pakistan (which could threaten India), North Korea (which could threaten Japan, South Korea, and the US), and Iran (which could threaten Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq). And there is absolutely no doubt that China intends to go after Taiwan. <font color="blue">China has shown again and again that they IGNORE the end-user certificates on technology transfers.</font color>

The radar and missile technology from Raytheon is especially sensitive. Almost all of the EU Naval fleet use the most advanced US defensive systems. If this got into the wrong hands, every US aircraft, missile-defence system, Naval ship, and AWACS would be compromised. Remember, it was <font color="red">French-built Exocets that damaged the Stark, and sunk two British ship in the Falklands.</font color>

<font color="blue">The US cannot, and must not rely on the good graces of the EU when it comes to our National Defence</font color>. We need to cut them off if they lift the embargo.

The EU is battering hell out of the NATO alliance, and you can bet your ass that they will come banging on the door the next time there is a blowup in their backyard. They need to set their priorities today.

01-21-2005, 05:10 PM
Apparently the EU has conveniently forgotten that China is still a Communist state. They would do well to remember this: “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.” Joseph Stalin.