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01-27-2005, 03:42 PM
I currently play pool in an APA league. I am skill level 7 in 9 ball and my skill level in 8 ball vacillates between 5 & 6 (currently 5). I have considered playing in a BCA or a TAP league but just never found a good reason to switch. Does any one know the difference (if any) and how do you feel about the differeces?

01-27-2005, 06:03 PM
I play in both an APA and BCA. I enjoy both for different reasons. Keep in mind BCA leagues vary a lot more and my not always run under the standard BCA format. BCA is run in a rotation format, each player plays each player form the opposing team. In my league you play just one game against 4 others. So in that way you don't get to play all that much, and you don't have a chance to come back against that person if you lose ( this is the downside for me) but it goes fast, most leagues utilize two tables at once, you can be done in an hour. I also like the overall level of play, because in my league there are no handicaps, it attracts mostly stronger players...
You also do not have to 'win' to go to Vegas, any team that wants to can sign up and compete, as long as they meet the requirements. The BCA event in Vegas is fun and you don't have to be a member at all to play in the singles.
The team event is also a race to a certain number of games (13 I think) so you get to play more, I don't know why they do that in my local league?
Hope that helps...

As for APA, I enjoy the individual match format and I think the handicap system is as fair as something like that can be and a good assessment of skill.