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01-29-2005, 12:21 PM
Better'n the original???


01-29-2005, 12:31 PM
Oh, I thought you were talking about Philly's new addytood since the Eagles won the NFC...

John Grogan | We're champs, so let's act like it

By John Grogan

Inquirer Columnist

OK, sports fans, the hour is upon us.

The Eagles are in. The Steelers are out. Jacksonville awaits.

The Super Bowl at long last. Whoa.

Pinch yourselves. I'm pretty sure we're not dreaming.

Philadelphia fans have spent years - decades - honing a national reputation as colorfully rowdy and irascible underdogs.

No one loses like Philly loses. We boo our own players. We boo children. We throw food and chant obscenities. We drink too much. We push and jostle and, when we're feeling uncharacteristically charitable, limit the invective to a simple, printable "You stink!"

But all that changed Sunday. It changed in the frigid winds swirling through the Linc in the aftermath of a spectacular snowstorm that seemed to scour every last smudge of grime off this shining place we call home.

It changed 27-10.

And now the long-suffering Eagles fans have an opportunity to change, too. It is time for a new game plan; it's time to stop acting like boorish losers and start acting like confident victors.

Because in confidence comes grace.

Regardless of what happens against the New England Patriots in Florida Feb. 6, Philadelphia is once again a town of champions. We earned it Sunday; no one can take it away.

Time to lose those shoulder chips and menacing scowls. Time to act like champs.

This is our chance to dispel the image the nation has of us as ill-mannered, sore losers.

A good start

We're already off to a good start. All those crews braving single-digit temperatures and howling winds to clear snow from the stands before game time spoke volumes about the real heart and soul of this town.

The injured Terrell Owens on the sidelines doing his part to cheer on the team said something, too. On this day, Owens was not the star, not the prima donna, not the center of attention, but just another Eagles fan. And a diehard one at that.

Now we go forward against a team that has taken two of the last three Super Bowls. If we lose to the Patriots, there will be no shame. We can keep our heads high, knowing this Philadelphia team had an incredible season, a more incredible playoff and, at long-last, a well-earned run for the biggest prize of them all.

It has been too many years with too much heartache. We deserve this one.

So let me suggest we start acting like champion fans of a champion team from a champion town. We're not losers. Not anymore.

Let us show the world the new and improved Eagles fans - a little more sober, a little more gracious, a touch less rude.

And let us start by how we treat the enemy.

I'm not looking for miracles here.

Let me give an example.

Old, boorish Eagles fan: "Yo, Boston! Go bleep yourself!"

New, kinder and gentler Eagles fan: "Yo, Boston! Have a nice bleepin' day!"

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

The walk of winners

Be kind to those New Englanders. They pay obscene amounts of taxes, suffer through 10 months of winter a year, and have such puny states they have to bundle them together like a fire-sale value pack to get noticed.

Go easy on them.

Are we up for the challenge? The challenge of being winners?

Greater Philadelphia has celebrated its failings over the years, and not just in sports. We take a sort of perverse pride in our political corruption and tangled bureaucracy, in our nepotism and potholes, our gridlock and brusqueness. And in our stepchild status in the shadow of New York City.

We have grown comfortable in these well-worn shoes. Could it be we actually enjoy wallowing in misery?

Perhaps it is time to end that.

The Eagles have landed. The long wait is over.


Now let us stand up straight and act like the winners we are. No more grumbling, you hear?

Together, Bird Boosters, we can bring a new level of civility to professional sports rivalry. Together we can show off the softer side of the City of Brotherly Lugs.

The world is watching.


I love this guy. He's hilarious.