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01-31-2005, 08:28 AM
Here’s my two cent scenario for some action packed 8, 9 & 10 Ball. I would like this format for a weekly TV match.

Rules are standard BCA, but with these exceptions. NO Push Out after break shot. NO 3 foul rule. Game ball cannot be made on the break. In 8 Ball the balls is respotted & the game continues. In 9 ball, the next highest numbered ball becomes the game ball. Same rule applies to the 10 Ball action.

Players A, B, C & D all bring $10,000 to the table

The TV Grand Prize is $20,000, plus all of the player’s money which equals a $50,000 win.

Loser of each game gets to keep the table & gets the break, until the match becomes a twosome.

Flip for the Break, by the Ref, for each initial starting match in 8 Ball ($2K), 9 Ball ($3K) & 10 Ball ($5K).

Players A, B, C & D all draw pills for the first round of 9Ball.

First round of matches is 9 Ball, for $2000 a game. Say that player D wins the pill draw, C is the next pill number (that twosome starts the play), The REF flips for the Break, A is the next challenger & B is last

Player D wins the toss & the game (takes the $2000 Win) & sits down, because player C gets the table & the Break. Player C now matches up with Player A, because of the pill draw, Player C has the Break. Player C loses again.

Player C now has $6000 left. Player C now plays Player B, Player C gets the Table & the Break. Say that Player C loses again. Player C now has $4000 and the stakes are $3000 a game.

The match now switches to 8 Ball for $3000 a game. Players A, B & D redraw pills. The lineup is C-D, with B next & A last

Player C gets the table & the Break in the new game of 8 Ball.

Player C loses to Player D again.

Player C only has $1000 left & has to forfeit that money, because the stakes are too high. Player C is finished for Tournament. That would be a rub…

Player D now plays Player B. The ref tosses the coin. Player B wins the $3K match. Player B now has $15000, Player D has $9000 & gets to play in the next match (remember loser gets the table & the Break) with Player A.

Player D plays Player A & loses.

Player D only has $6000 left.

The match now switches to 10 Ball for $5000 a game. Players A, B & D redraw pills. The lineup is A-D, with B last.

Player D now plays Player A some 10 Ball for $5000 a game. Player D loses.

Player D only has $1000 left & has to forfeit that money, because the stakes are too high. Player D is finished for Tournament. There’s another rub…

That leaves Players A & B left. They will play rotational games of 8 Ball, then a game of 9 Ball & then a game of 10 Ball for $5000 a game, until one player doesn’t have enough money to play the match for $5000 & has to forfeit his last bit of money.

The winner takes his original $10,000, plus the other 3 player’s $30,000, plus the Prize of $20,000 home.

The yow-yowing of the players, the stake horses & the crowd would be unreal. It would probably have to be edited for TV, but DVD’s would be SOLD, that covered the real action.

02-01-2005, 04:44 PM
My head hurts.....

02-01-2005, 08:06 PM
Sounds interesting CeeBee, just a couple of suggestions I would make.

For one I would have them lag instead of flip a coin. At that level I hate to see someone lose a game because the other play won a coin flip and broke and ran out. At least with the lag their is some skill involved to get to break.

Second I wouldnt kick someone out because they are short on cash, I would just make the next game they play worth only the amount they have left. As all-in type thing.

02-02-2005, 08:17 AM
There are several reasons I suggested a player be set aside when they run short of cash: TV requires a short format, the idea of all or none on the cash adds pressure to the emotional part of the game & there has to be a way of reducing the players to a 2 player contest.

Your idea of lagging is great, I just adopted the flip because of the GAMBLE. Maybe the tension during a lag would have players wide eyed too...?

Maybe the "all-in" scenario would work if the players gambled their last $4000 in a $3000 match, which would have to be accepted by their opponent. That would add some emotions to the situation.

02-02-2005, 11:40 AM
Another idea is to have some cute girls in bikinis taking the money. Feature supermodels and movie stars....kind of like boxing matches. 3 words....pay per view!

"Sincerety is the key to everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made."

02-03-2005, 07:00 AM
My idea for a high stakes tournament would involve Bill Gates donating a million dollars in a winner take all format. Talk about media attention not to mention one very happy pro......

02-03-2005, 11:58 AM
How about taking "luck" out of 9 ball.I saw Julie Kelly slop the 9 in a couple of games recently that took her by surprise.It's my opinion that this should be a game that is won with skill,never with a lucky roll.

I could never get a friend to play 9 ball because he felt it was a sloppy game of luck(I have to agree),so we changed the rules to suit ourselves and slop/luck shots aren't accepted.We play by the honor system,calling shots is not required,but you can if it's going to be a outrageous shot.Slopped balls are spotted and the table is turned over to your opponent.