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02-01-2005, 08:21 AM
Clubs to provide billiards, dance for local teens
City establishments open Friday
Press & Sun-Bulletin

BINGHAMTON -- A professional pool player from Athens, Pa., will open a billiard hall and teen dance club Friday at 20 Hawley St. downtown.

On one side of the former Chameleon Teen Dance Club will be the new Club Escape, for teens ages 13 to 19. After paying a $10 cover, teens can dance to the hip-hop, R&B, reggae, techno and other music presented by DJ Uh-Oh and play "black light" pool for no additional charge.

Binghamton Family Billiards, for all ages, will open adjacent to Club Escape. The billiard hall will feature eight regulation pool tables, a smaller pool table, bumper pool table, foosball table and jukebox. Customers will be charged by the hour to play pool. Free billiard lessons will be offered.

Arcade games and a snack bar also will be available at the businesses.

"I'm just looking to put something nice in the community for the kids and adults to have a nice time," said Sam Kolesnik III, Binghamton Family Billiards Inc. president. "It's going to be a clean place. I'm going to have strict rules."

The businesses are located across from the Binghamton Police Bureau. Still, Kolesnik has hired eight people to serve as security personnel for the dance club. They'll use metal detector wands to scan patrons before they enter the facility. Kolesnik also is hiring off-duty police officers to stand watch outside the club.

"I want the parents to feel safe about letting their kids come," Kolesnik said.

Brad Rogers, 16, of Montrose, Pa., said he'd make the approximately 30-minute drive to Binghamton to check out the new businesses.

"It sounds like it'd be a pretty fun place to go," he said. "It'd be a good place to meet new people."

Binghamton Family Billiards and Club Escape will employ about a dozen people.


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