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02-03-2005, 12:08 PM
Well, there was Bush's plan to reform Social Security,
and a big article on dog waste stations.
Pooch poop can ruin the kid's day at the park...and
in regards to what Mr. Bush said...which might ruin
someone's last few years..
Robert Rankin, (Knight Ridder)...wrote about what the
President didn't say.
while he pointed out several glaring omissions...I thought the $2.2 trillion cost in the first decade, followed by the $4.5 trillion in the second decade...transition costs....that would be added to the national debt, for the next 60 years....that might have been worth mentioning,by the PRES.
After the first four zero's, though...that's the limit of my
financial acumen ...so I can't comment. how mant zeroes in a trillion....5,6,7 ??? I think when you have that many, it goes from ordinal sin, to cardinal sin...I'll have to check that with my Priest
Neat political cartoon from the Chicago paper...
the link between Al-Quaida and Social Security....