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02-04-2005, 05:32 PM
Okay, I just have to post this, because it's one of those, "not in a million years" shots.

It was after the regular, Thursday night league matches, when the pressure's off, and the alcohol is working. I sank one on the break, ran 5, and missed but left a deep duck in the pocket 'A'. My buddy missed his shot, and left me on the far end of the table from the duck.

Since it was deep, and I probably used the wrong spin, I left myself blocked from the 8.

Not really seein the kick from the upper (RSB table orientation) into a 'good' hit, and not expecting to make the masse-cut into pocket 'B', I called this:

%HO3M9%IH6L1%JE3X2%KL0E1%LS1W7%MY5L5%Ng6D4%OD5H0%P i4K1%Qp8D4

RSB Table Link (http://endeavor.med.nyu.edu/~wei/pool/pooltable2.html)

It went dead, center-pocket. I was amazed.

Any other, "wild" shots, in the recent past out there?


02-04-2005, 06:24 PM
Heater, good to see you posting again.
This is not as impressive as yours but it won a match for me last weekend and seemed to impress the crowd.

%HM9L3%I^2E4%PN6M5%Qp8D4%RC6C8%YD4D5%ZM2K5%eC3a9%_ a7K6%`S8H7

Basically it looked maybe possible to cut the 8 in but would have taken a hard hit with no control on the cb. This massey shot with a jacked up cue and a lot of throw rolled the 8 in nice and slow, then stopped perfect on the nine. Suprised me enough I had a hard time acting like it was routine. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

02-04-2005, 06:34 PM
I was in the finals of a small 8 ball tournament and didn't have much to shoot at and hit a perfect "umbrella shot" safety and left my opponent frozen on one of his balls.


%Fi3Z3%Hg5N1%IV1P6%JQ5L2%KM2X6%Mf3Y0%Ng6D4%OM9Z1%P `9W5%Qp8D4

Before I knew it he picked up the cueball, assuming it was ball in hand. We argued for a few minutes and I finally gave in to him. He took ball in hand, played a safe, breaking up his cluster and leaving me hooked. I did a masse kick bank and drilled it leaving a tough 8 ball which I rattled in. The shot was not a miracle shot by any means, but hitting it right after someone tried to cheat you made it 100X better. Both shots were from a Grady tape that I had matched a couple of days before.

%F`4Z3%Hg5N1%IV1P6%JQ5L2%KM2X6%Mf4X9%Ng6D4%OM9Z1%P K7Y7%Qp8D4

02-04-2005, 06:39 PM
Good stuff when that sort of thing happens. Sometimes we/I see a vision and it comes true. Last year, playing a cheap set with a friend I made this one.

I made one on the break and was left with this one ball. Bad break but I decided to shoot it. The c/b is about 1/2" off the rail. I start at A shoot the shot, barely kiss the 5 comming back at point B and drew it back to point C. It left me an easy follow angle to the 3 so I run out from there. We play cheap but not so cheap I can throw away games. LOL I haven't a clue why I shot that thing but he couldn't believe it and I acted like it was suppose to happen. LOL I won that set. OOPS I forgot to put in the wei code. ha ha ha START(
%AH6Z1%Br4L2%Cb6E8%DK8N3%EO3Z9%Ff8R1%Gt4\0%Hg6M1%I b7O8%Pr6V3
%Qq0V4%RO5Z0%Sq6Q9%WJ5Z4%Xq5V5%eB3b5%_q9R9%`O6Y9%a I5Y9

Where you been Allen?


02-05-2005, 08:28 AM
Nice, it's always better, when it's on the game-ball.

What's funny, is that it reminds me of a similar shot to the other direction. I was in a warm-up game, and left myself in another stunningly bad position. Of course, you only have to shoot these things, when you've got no other option. . . .

Anyway, I left out my opponents object balls, because it was too far back to remember, but I remember hitting this, and leaving myself an overcut on the 8 to the side afterwards, but the opponent gave it too me anyway:



(btw, thanks for the words of welcome-back. I just waste more time playing Quake on-line, nowadays, than posting)


02-05-2005, 08:38 AM
VERY cool, the masse-kick. Even if you get the in the ballpark with the spin and speed, you're not likely to get the accuracy to sink your object ball.

I bet you've tried something like this one before (I just noticed that I've been forgetting to move the tip-location on the cueball spin-indicator, on my earlier diagrams):

%Ag9J1%Dp0I9%FP2I1%Go0S0%Hq2D3%LJ5N2%Pf0K7%UN7D4%V e0K2%WD4G7

Or these two, during those ball-in-kitchen games (I may not have the arrows exactly correct, but the general idea is there):

%Hr1E5%Pl2T1%Uf7D7%Vk9S2%Wl1Z5%Xf6D6%Yq4G8%Zl3Z1%e C5a3

and. . .



02-05-2005, 08:47 AM
Rod, been wasting my life away--just working, and playing a lot of on-line gaming (Quake III Arena). It's a fully, computer-geek, kid-thing, to do, but my brother plays as well.

It actually has something in common with pool, in that--and I think Buddy Hall said something to this effect, it's always different, but it's always the same.

I believe that I've also diagnosed myself with my own version of OCD. In things like pool and Quake, it doesn't matter how good or bad I'm doing, I don't want to quit. The worst I am, the better I know I can do, and the better I'm doing, the more I want to keep doing it! Sort of like an addiction, except I don't live to do either one, but once I'm doing them, it takes a cattle-prod to stop me.

THIS JUST IN (and bearing no relation to anything): The wife just asked me to open the little bud/reservoir for those Bath & Body Works Wallflowers--that you plug into the wall. Here's a tip: Before you break your teeth trying to unscrew the top, notice that it's left-handed thread. . . .


02-06-2005, 11:11 AM
"Corey who!" That was one hellova draw stroke man...sid