View Full Version : I Won O.M.T 8-ball tourney.+Tourney info

02-05-2005, 08:41 PM
Just wanted to post this so we can try to get a better turn out on Saturday nights and Sundays at the Old mill tavern. Below is tourney info. Second place Winner I only know as Tim, don't know his last name.

Small 8-ball and 9 ball tournament every Saturday night at 7 pm for 8 ball and Sunday 7pm for 9ball at the Old mill Tavern in Norwich, CT. Usually $5 or $10 entry. 2 7ft bar tables. Field of 8-10 on average. 1-4 on a bad night.
685 N Main St
Norwich, CT
Tournament usually gets cancelled if there is an event or low player turn out.
I play in 8ball tourney from time to time and I play in the 9ball tourney on Sundays when I have the night off from work. See you there!