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02-08-2005, 10:51 AM
Black Widow spins web in Greenville
Jeanette Lee to showcase skills at TieBreakers

Eric Gilmore, Senior Writer
February 08, 2005

The most famous women's billiard player in the world will be making an appearance in Greenville at TieBreakers Sports Bar & Billiards on Tuesday from 7 to 10 pm. Jeanette Lee, famously known as the Black Widow, will be awing the crowd with trick shots and her exotic beauty.

Lee will be doing various trick shots, teaching basic pool fundamentals, challenging people in the audience, signing autographs and take part in some giveaways, according to TieBreakers owner Brayom Anderson.

Lee is currently ranked No. 3 on the WPBA (Women's Professional Billiard Association) Tour. Ironically enough, Lee shares that same number, No. 3, on another prestigious list. She was recently named No. 3 behind Anna Kournikova and Marion Jones for ESPN's World's Sexiest Female Athlete, which aired on Jan. 27.

Aside from her good looks, the Black Widow earned her nickname on the table, through her ability to seemingly devour opponents and her tendency to wear only black during competition. One of the few household names for billiards, Lee had to earn every bit of it.

Born a first generation Korean American in Brooklyn, New York, Lee lived in a bilingual home. Lee thrived academically and socially until she was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 13. Lee had to have a steel rod implanted in her spine, which she still has to this day. Lee has overcome her circumstances to now serve as the National Spokesperson for the Scoliosis Association, Inc.

Lee first picked up billiards in 1989 and the game hasn't been the same. After only playing pool for three and a half years, Lee turned pro in 1993. Less than two years later, both Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiard Magazine named Lee 1994 WPBA Player of the Year.

Since, Lee has become one of the world's best pool players consistently among the top-ranked. The Black Widow earned the WPBA Sportsperson of the Year Award in 1998 after missing out on nominations in 1995 and 1997.

Her billiards successes and beauty have led to many different endorsement deals. Lee corporate partners include corporate partners include Escalade Sports, Mosconi Billiards and The Plaza Hotel and Casino. Lee also serves on the board of trustees for the Women's Sport Foundation.

Her newest endorsement is being the National Spokesman for The Spider, a device that uses patented laser technology and illumination to help players see the geometry of a shot, including the correct cue-ball path and aiming point on a shot.

The Spider was shown on ESPN 2's Cold Pizza on Oct. 19, 2004. PrimeQuest Inc., a company based out of Rocky Mount developed and will market The Spider. Lee will be shooting a commercial at TieBreakers during the afternoon, which is set to air on ESPN.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 while VIP seating costs $30. VIP seating will be directly around the featured pool table. A crowd in excess of 250 people is expected. TieBreakers is located at 1920 Smythwyck Dr.

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02-09-2005, 08:48 AM
Herrion bitten by Black Widow

Coach Bill Herrion was competing in a different game on Tuesday night in Greenville.

He was a celebrity challenger to “The Black Widow,” billiard professional Jeanette Lee.

Lee was in town to help promote the Carolina Women’s Billiard Classic event in Rocky Mount later this week. That event is one of only seven held by the Women’s Professional Billiard Association.

Herrion challenged Lee to a game of H-O-R-S-E in basketball even before the match began. The coach recruited a couple of young helpers, but “The Black Widow” had no problem at all with Herrion.

Lee was recently named the 3rd Sexiest Female Athlete. It makes me wonder who was one and two!