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02-16-2005, 10:00 AM

Dear Resident Commissioner:

I am popular, from the old guard, from the bread, earth, liberty type. But you have promised participating in a shared goverment. But it does not import what broken I am from.

I have problems with the justice in our loved Port Rich, and I am not safe where to ask help. Maybe somebody in States United could help.

Everything started last end of the week. My friend Thousandton met two girls and coordinated a two-for-two with me. He said both were very biggood. I went to pick them in my car, a Wave of the year. Then I discovered that I was taken of saintwon.

Result that he have taken already the one that looked like a "power of the week" from "Don't fall Sleep" or like a "candy from Like That". My friend is a packager, because my girl was completely different: she was a little fat with face of bigstuffer.

First, we decided to give a little round by the Count, but there was a bigcover, so my friend insisted in going to a kniferer to eat some bigmilk. Is an old trick, because that is in the old highway of Caguas, fence of motels like The Hammock, The Bamboo, and with a small deviation, The Fountain.

By supposed, I did not wanted, but what remedy. The girls went to the bath, and I talked to him:

"Hand, you have taken me of penleft. You are a sea-and-with."

He said:

"Shebread, don't worry. Left that you see: as soon she drinks a pair of swallows, she is a beautifulca".

I thought "To other dog with that bone", but there was no point in continue discussing. In end, we were already there and, as they said by there: "To the done, chest". I decided "big eraser and new count" and to give an opportunity to the girl.

I ordered some red come, because I decided to behave like somebody fine. Everybody have some cups, and we started having turkeyera, and people started looking bad to us. After another bottle, we really had a lady turkish from the facegarlic.

I was so picked that my girl started to look like Melandita Monk. I was saying to myself "I am gonna throw her". But she went ahead of me, and as I was doing nothing, she said: "You are an waterjero".

Then all started laughing at me. A problem of my friend is that he is very bigthrower and think he is the last Coke-Tail in the desert. He puts very chattertan and try everybody as if they were [censored]. I am not safe how to translate this, but he can be a Spanish bug sometimes.

I said I was leaving because it was already very evening, and that I will not give them put, that they should call a public driver or take the guwater of the LOVE. He did not listen, and made fun of my Santini look, saying that that really was a big lick of cow. That is where he put the she duck, because nobody mocks of me.

I did not fight well. I throw a campsweeper but I missed (my friend have more milk than a stick of breasts), and then he hit me with a heel from the billiard table, directly on my head, and a painful bigfucker, more black than the bottom of a pot, got out on my front. Now I was like a pissed hundredfeet, and started destroying everything. That is what is said, I really don't remember. Finally, a guard of little stick detained me.

Now I am in jail. The justice here is slower than a caravan of limps. Please help me!

July Towers

PD: I have no money, because I am more peeled than the ass of a monkey. But I will throw for you next time.