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02-20-2005, 11:25 AM
I havent been playing very much, but I am constantly thinking about my game. I have come to a point where when practising at home, I can run out all night. Now at tournaments or gambling I may hit 8 or 9 balls real well but then I hit a shot sooo bad my 6 yr could have made it. Some of this can be attributed to lack of a good pre-shot routine. I had also spent alot of time just whacking balls at home and not playing serious enough. This carried over to serious games. I have been thinking alot about my mental game, and now when I hit'em i work mostly on my pre-shot routine. This has seemed to help and when I take my time I am making all balls that I am intending to. When I miss a ball I realise AFTERWARDS, I did not take my time or readjusted while I was down on the ball. Why is this such a hard concept, Dont shoot until you are ready!!!! Afterwards I am like duh, and I know why I missed, but I continue to make similar errors. Obviously this is just a phase and I will soon begin to start uping my table time. Has anyone used this method to step back an look at your own game and what helps the most. Any thoughts, suggestions?