View Full Version : What constitutes an A LEVEL player ranking

03-04-2005, 10:28 AM
n Vancouver Canada (for 9 ball) we rate our players on a scale as follows.
Pro plus (horsfall, Potier, Torangeau), Pro(mike vidas), A+, A, B+ B, C+, C and I've never heard of a D.

For every ranking you are rated ahead of someone you have to give a handicap.
A pro plus will spot a pro the last two, an A+ the wild 8, an A the wild 8 and the last two, A B+ the 7,8 and 9 and B the 7,8,9 and the last two etc.etc.

I think they hand out high ratings here in Vancouver much, much too easy. John Horsfall has went head to head with the best in the world and won two major tournaments and Paul Potier in his prime can also compete at a very high level.

It's the A's and the A+ rankings that I feel are earned much too easily.What should an A level player be able to do. Can he be even with a pro with a spot of the wild 8 which he is given.I believe if a TRUE A level player was given such a spot that while the pro's going to come out on top the majority of times, that he SHOULD be able to make him work for it.

We have A level players here who can play 12 racks and not break and run one of them and other supposed A level players who's major racks in a row break and runs are only two.What does an A have to be able to do in your area to be considered A level?

I know some local Tiawanese and Philipino players who are A level players here and say they would only be rated C+ and B in their countries.I also know that rankings differ city to city and sometimes pool hall to pool hall within that city.

When I went to school getting an A grade meant that I had to do my various subjects at least 80% right.There's a lot of players ranked A level here that don't make 80% of their kicks, banks, saftiey attempts and run outs when they should.

In summary , what constitutes A level in your area? RJ