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03-09-2005, 07:37 AM
Hi people!
Its been quite a long time since my last post about my tournaments so here it comes! /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif There was a big 9ball tournament in Warsaw (Poland) this weekend, this tournament was part of "Dynamic Billiard Best of the East" series. 110 competitors took part in the tournament. There were 16 groups with 6-7 players, round robin system, race to 5, best two players from each group advanced to the final 32 single elimination. My first match was total disaster - I couldnt hit the barn door from 2 meters with shotgun...I was really nervous and I lost 1:5. Fortunatelly my second opponent was the weakest one in the group so I managed to "suffer" victory 5:3. From that moment I calmed down and I started to play a decent game of pool. I won next two matches with comfortably 5:2 and 5:0 while hitting some incredible shots. Last two matches were the most important as my opponets were the toughest in the group. They were Babica and Skonecny. Maybe you know Radoslaw Babica, he is currently 12th in Eurotour ranking and he participates in World Pool League each year. Skonecny has surprisingly beaten Babica so Babica had to fight for his chance to advance from the group with me. Our match was really close one and I was quite lucky few times. So finally we both got on the hill. I broke the rack but nothing went in. Babica investigated the layout of the balls and managed to lock me in the safety. I had no other chance than to play jump shot..which fell right into the pocket so I had the chance to run out. MAN my hands were shaky like hell! But I managed to keep my concentration and ran out. Damn I was happy! But I still had to beat the leader of the group Skonecny as Babica could beat me with his overall score. So I started to play very carefully and to my surprise my opponent made some mistakes which I capitalized on. I dont know really how or why but I won 5:0. This result meant that I won the whole group and I advanced to the final 32. My opponent was russian player Nikitin. I won the lag and that was the last time he went to the table for a long time. Next time he went to the table was when I was leading 3:0 and he got locked in airtight safety - foul - 4:0. Finally I made even some mistakes but he was quite nervous and couldnt find his rythm and I won 7:2. My next opponent was polish player Zajac, he played great pool through the whole tournament. I got good start so I lead 2:0 and 4:2 but then I made some stupid mistakes which costed me dearly. Now I was trailing 4:5 but fortunatelly he made mistake too and I could get very important fifth point. We were 5:5 in race to 7, so we both knew that the next game could be crucial. We got into the safety battle. At this moment we played the last match of round 16 so the whole poolhall (approx.50 people) watched our match. The pressure was almost materialised. He left me safety where I hade CB on on short cushion on one side of the table and OB kissing the cushion on the other side while there was obstructing ball in the middle of the table. I had no other way than to play jumpshot again. I decided to go for bankshot as there was no way I could control CB after the contact with OB to play safety. Guess what? OB went in!!! What a feeling!!! 50 acknoledged pool players applauded the shot and the following run out. In the next game I went dry on the break so he took control and proceeded to run out but he played bad position on 6 and went for risky shot in the middle pocket...which didnt go in! SO i went to the table but the position was quite risky for me. I potted the 6 but I couldnt play the 7 into the pocket. So I went for safety. he tried to play 2-cushion shot but missed by an inch so I got BIH and I carefully ran out. I advanced to the final 8 where I got really hard opponent polish Skowerski. He was bronze medailist at junior world championship. I could get as close as 3:4 but then I miscued and he ran-out - 3:5. He broke the rack and played incredible 2-9 combo - 3:6. He broke again and made runout
- 3:7. In the end he won the whole tournament and he really deserved it. I was the only non-polish player in the quarterfinal which made my result even more special.. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif This tournament gave me big boost in confidence and motivation to practice, though I still have to fight that insomnia problem I mentioned recently. Hopefully it will get better.. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Rich R.
03-09-2005, 07:46 AM
Thanks for the update Marek.
I always enjoy reading about your tournaments.
Finishing in the final 8, out of 110, is great. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

03-09-2005, 08:02 AM
Congratulations on a nice finish Marek and thanks for the report.